“Mad Fashion” host Chris March dies at 56

Chris March, the popular host of the show “Mad Fashion” passed away at the silver age of 56 only due to heart attack. He rose to fame as a costume designer after his appearance in the reality show, “Project Runway”. The executive producer of “Project Runway”, Andy Cohen brought the story to the front and confirmed it on Instagram.

Andy Cohen so quoted, “This is how I’m going to remember Chris March with the Giggy costume he made for one of our Halloweens. I know Chris since he appeared as a finalist in the season four of Project Runway. I remember, he designed for all including, BeyoncĂ©, Gaga, Madonna, and many more legendary queens! Such a jovial person he was, always filled with joy and delight.”

From the records, it has been derived that March was going through a bad health condition for a long time, in New York. Everything began when he fell down in his apartment and remained unconscious for four continuous days. The fall led to his organ failure and collapsed his lung. The hospital had put him in a medically induced coma.

According to his medical reports, March never completely recovered from the health condition. But, due to his passion for designing, he kept on working and created many new designs. He even came up with his own show Mad Fashion, despite such health conditions.