Lori Vallow case is ‘proof’ she killed ex-husband, his ex-wife says

The discovery of Lori Vallow’s missing children’s remains buried in her husband’s backyard is “proof” the doomsday-obsessed mom killed her ex-husband, the man’s ex-wife said, according to reports.

Kimberly Friedmutter, who was married to Vallow’s now dead ex-husband Charles Vallow in the mid-1980s, said the discovery of the missing kids’ remains “confirms a hundred percent” Charles was murdered, Friedmutter told The Sun.

“It has really now become very scary and very evil and very wrong,” Friedmutter, 57, told the outlet.

In the midst of a contentious divorce between Charles and Lori, Charles was shot dead by Lori’s brother Alex Cox in Phoenix, Arizona last July when he was trying to pick up the son he shared with Lori, seven-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow.

Cox claimed the shooting was done in “self-defense” and he was never charged before dying in December from natural causes.

But Friedmutter believes the shooting was a hit job orchestrated by Lori — and matches Charles’ own prediction of his impending death.

“I’m telling you, Steve, so that if something happens to me, I wanna make sure you let everyone know that something happens, I’m killed, that it’s my wife Lori and her brother, Alex Cox,” Charles allegedly told his attorney Steven Ellsworth shortly before he died, according to the outlet.

The insight comes just days after Lori’s missing kids, Joshua and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan, were found buried in her current husband Chad Daybell’s backyard in Rexburg, Idaho after not being seen since September of last year.

The children’s relatives confirmed the remains belonged to the children but police are yet to make that announcement.

Daybell is in custody on felony charges for destroying, altering or concealing evidence. Prosecutors hinted during Daybell’s initial court appearance that upgraded charges could be forthcoming.

Friedmutter divorced Charles early on in their relationship when she discovered six months after they were married that he was cheating on her, the outlet reported.

In the wake of the mysterious string of deaths surrounding Lori, Friedmutter now regrets that decision, saying Charles could still be alive today if she hadn’t pursued a divorce.

“There wouldn’t have been other wives and there wouldn’t have been Lori if I had stayed with him, this wouldn’t even ever have occurred. He would still be alive.”

The remains of JJ Vallow (left), 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, were found buried on their stepfather Chad Daybell’s property in Idaho.
The remains of JJ Vallow (left), 7, and Tylee Ryan, 17, were found buried on their stepfather Chad Daybell’s property in Idaho.National Center for Missing & Exploited Children