Long Island teen nabbed with gun used in Lee Zeldin house shooting: cops

A Long Island teen is under investigation over last month’s wild shooting outside gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin’s home after the suspect was nabbed with the gun used in the crime, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Three days before his weapons bust, 18-year-old Noah Green posted a photo on Snapchat that shows him and another person brazenly pointing a firearm directly at the camera, according to a screenshot of the image included in prosecutors’ bail application. 

“Catch me a 4 bet it’s a good day,” the caption of the post reads. 

Green was charged with criminal possession of a loaded firearm and possession of stolen property Monday in Suffolk County after cops saw him getting into a stolen Honda CRV outside his home and found a Taurus 9MM in his pocket, court records show. 

Cops had been conducting surveillance outside Green’s home in Shirley — apparently as part of the investigation into the suspected gang shooting that landed Zeldin’s house in its crossfire — when they saw him leave his house and get into the driver’s seat of the stolen car, the records say. 

When cops approached Green, he jumped onto the hood and roof of the car and tried to run away before officers nabbed him, authorities said. 

Lee Zeldin and his family after the shooting.
Lee Zeldin and his family after the Oct. 9 shooting, which injured two unrelated teenagers.
Gregory P. Mango
A fence outside of Lee Zeldin's home was struck by gunfire.
A fence outside of Zeldin’s home was struck by gunfire.
Edmund J Coppa

“I just got that gun. I’m carrying it for protection,” Green allegedly told cops after they found the loaded weapon on him. 

Judge Eric Sachs ordered Green held on $750,000 cash, $1.5 million bond or a $7.5 million partially secured bond.

Cops investigating the scene of the shooting outside of Zeldin's home.
Cops investigating the scene of the shooting outside of Zeldin’s home.
John Roca

Prosecutors didn’t charge Green in connection with the Oct. 9 shooting outside of Zeldin’s home but the firearm he had on him was used in the crime, prosecutors said. 

Green’s exact involvement in the shooting “is still under active investigation,” prosecutors noted. 

“Over the past three weeks, investigators from the District Attorney’s Office working with Suffolk County Police Department detectives, have been working to solve the shooting that occurred outside Congressman Zeldin’s home,” Suffolk County District Attorney Raymind Tierney said in a statement.

Noah Green and a friend allegedly shown pointing a gun into the camera.
Noah Green posted this Snapchat three days before he was arrested, prosecutors said.

“Through that collaborative and diligent police work, we have now recovered one of the firearms used in that dangerous shooting. The investigation is continuing and we expect that will have more developments in the future.”

During a press conference in Midtown on Tuesday, Zeldin, who has campaigned on a tough-on-crime platform, celebrated the officers who took Green into custody and thanked them for the “diligent work” they did on the case.

“I want to also say thank you to everyone who had reached out to to my family, my daughters,” the GOP hopeful told reporters, referring to his kids who were home at the time of the drama.

“Honestly, my daughters were pretty traumatized when they heard the screaming, and they thought that these three people were coming for them. And they ran upstairs, and they locked themselves into the upstairs bathroom.”

Two 17-year-olds were hit by gunfire outside of Zeldin’s home in the broad-daylight drive-by shooting while his teen daughters were at home doing homework. 

Police sources suspect the shooting to be gang-related and potentially prompted by a simmering Bloods gang beef. 

Green is due back in court Nov. 4.