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Living Room Style Ideas 2019

Steve Murphy



Living Room Style Ideas

In the 2019 year, are you thinking to switch the decor of your living room? If that is the case then we in this article have compiled the few points that help you in making the room look stunning. This will be the endless inspiration of the decoration that makes you think differently and make the place trendy.

No matter are you looking for the more traditional look and want your room design modern, these below points cover all these fields.

Now you can change the living room simple design to the interesting and abstract decor of the living room of homes. The below mention tips and the hints are listed in detail that you just need to elevate the living room to the next level.

We all know that every year brings the new interior designs trends and traditions in the market that is different and unique from the previous years. Read on to learn and believe us you will fall in love with this new popular design statement of the room.

Make sections of living room space

When you make the sections of the room by using the furniture will make it multi-functional and multi-aspect space of the home. The decoration of the room is the best source that helps the people to make the best use.

You have a lot of things that you can do with the available place you have whether it is smaller in size or bigger. Section the living room space with the usage of furniture is a great way you want to.

You can put the glass coffee table, with the cocooned chair, comfortable chair set and amid a sofa that makes a perfect space of seating for the guests. You can separate the kids playing area and the workspace by closing that space.

If the room is equally functional with the latest trends and you consumed the space in a clever way then you will be successful in achieving what you are looking for.

Select seating after a complete search

In 2019, the only trend that is eye-catchy is the color seating in the living room. All the chairs, sofa and the barstools are coming in the bold shades that are not in the previous years. The colors that are mostly in are ruby red, sapphire blue, and emerald green.

If you are replacing your old sofa with the new one follow the above trend and make it look updated. But sometimes many people are out of budget and have not enough money to change. For them, the best way is to use the sofa covers. The slipcovers make them gain the new look of their seating.

These are available in different styles, fabric, and colors. You just have to search and pick the one that goes well with the room decor. Be sure you will accurately balance the neutral tones and the other areas design to rest.

Velvet Upholstery

We know that the velvet is out there from the years and this year it returns back and now it is worth talking about it. You have now sofa covers, sofa, to armchairs available in this fabric.

You can also use the cushions, and as well as curtains in the velvet. This is the great fabric that makes the room look stunning. If you are looking to find the latest sofa covers then visit this shop.

This fabric is plush and can add the depth to the interior design of the living room that no other fabric can do.  We all know the jewel shades that velvet can strongly hue that no other fabric can do it well. Use it and make the room look inspiring and trending.

Wall Art

In the year 2019, the artwork is also set a big splash. There are many prints and many options that you can use and make the empty wall fill.  In this current year, wall art styles are using by professionals.  Many pieces may attract you and make you purchase them. You just need to buy them and hang on the wall of the living room.

If you are confused because of picking the wall art piece, then have a look at the ideas online so that you will pick the perfect size for the wall.

Steve Murphy has handled various businesses throughout his career and has a deep domain knowledge. He founded Report Door in an attempt to bring the latest news to its readers. He is glued to the stock market most of the times and just loves being in touch with the developments in the business world.

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Amazon Will Soon Launch a New Grocery Store in Los Angeles

Steve Murphy



Amazon Grocery Store
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Amazon confirmed to open a new grocery store in Los Angeles. It will totally be the new set of supermarkets or the start of the new chains. The store will be in the woodland hills community, opens by some time next year.

This new store won’t be like Whole Foods but a competition against Target and Walmart. The Whole Food grocery chain was bought by Amazon in 2017 for $13.7 billion.

Amazon company didn’t mention anything about the locations it would be open, pricing, and brand name. However, the company has cleared about the checkout process that CheckOut will not be via Amazon Go Technology. In that Technology, customers didn’t wait in line to checkout, instead, it will be conventional like other grocery stores.

Till now, the company has only finalized the one location in the roughly $800 billion US grocery market. And even after its Whole Foods deal, Amazon remains a small player and rival Walmart is the leader.

This is how opening a new grocery store will help Amazon:

It will help Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer in reinforcing customer loyalty. As people are habitual to shop at a local store every week, it will increase the revenue growth of the company.

Overall this work will offer new competition to Kroger, SuperValu, and many other supermarket chains.

The grocery business will offer razor-thin margins, Amazon to lower prices while still trying to bring in a profit.

When it comes to grocery shopping, we know customers love choice, that’s distinct from Whole Foods Market. It will continue to grow and remain the leader in quality natural and organic food said Amazon’s spokesperson.

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Disney+ will be a Big Project of Walt Disney: It will stream Marvel shows

Steve Murphy



Disney+ will be a Big Project of Walt Disney: It will stream Marvel shows
Image Credit: Disney+

Disney has decided to step towards the launch of Disney+ with streaming Marvel shows. Walt Disney has to face huge competition with Netflix. 

Many well-established companies have decided this too and failed in the internet age. However, Disney believes they won’t be one of them. Disney promised to show full original content to their consumers. And Consumers are actually waiting for the launch of Disney+. 

In 1923, when Disney started, they never imagined anything like Netflix. But now, everything is here, they are bringing everyone’s favorite characters for the launch. 

Like, The Mandalorian, is speculated to be the first premiere on the platform. The show will be based on the Star Wars universe about an interplanetary bounty hunter. With this, disney+ will be about streaming content for characters in the Marvel Universe. 

Disney is spending too much to make Disney+ a huge success

To create all this content and streaming services, Disney is actually spending millions. All the Star Wars series and the Marvel movies will be available on the Platform. 

The company’s budget for 2020 is nearly $1 billion dollars. Out of this budget, the maximum share belongs to the Marvel shows. 

Sources revealed that there will be three marvel shows will be released on the platform. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and WandaVision will be in the Marvel Universe. Each show is reported to cost up to $25 million per episode. Accordingly $500 million will be the cost of 20 episodes. However, The Mandalorian will cost up to nearly $15million per episode.

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Is Chick-fil-A’s popularity at stake?

Steve Murphy




As per the reports, a newly released Drive-Thru performance study from QSR Magazine discloses the restaurants with the slowest and fastest average drive-thru times. As per the study customers usually, spend about an average of about 255 seconds or say 4.25 minutes while waiting in drive-thru lines between the speaker and the order window.

At Chick-fil-A, as per the study customers tends to wait for about 323 seconds or say 5.4 minutes. The report further says that the main cause behind this isn’t the poor service, but the demand. QSR Magazine is said to accurately measure a drive-thru wait using a mystery shopping and market research company in order to collect the data.

As per QSR’s methodology, each order was standardized to the main item, side item and drink, along with a minor special request, such as no ice, etc.

It’s said that the average wait time, he period between giving an order and receiving the food grew by more than a minute this summer from the previous one, as per the industry publication QSR, that is said to partner with a third party to test drive-thru service annually.

Chick-Fil-A has upped their level of the fast-food game by posting their team members outside, to take orders and payment from customers on their iPads while they wait. Breitbart News also reported that the fast-food chain had doubled its overall sales in recent years, despite protests against the restaurant because of its support for traditional marriage and Christian values.

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