Lincoln Project targets Ivanka and Jared for Covid-19 death count with massive Times Square billboards

The Lincoln Project has installed two billboards in Times Square attacking Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner over deaths from Covid-19 (The Lincoln Project)

The Lincoln Project has installed two large advertisements in New York’s Times Square taking aim at Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner.

On one Ms Trump is depicted posing as a spokesmodel, gesturing towards the latest count of how many New Yorkers and how many Americans in total have died from Covid-19.

A large quote attributed to Mr Kushner by Vanity Fair adorns the second billboard beside a smiling corporate-style portrait of him.

In response to a question asking about securing personal protective equipment for essential workers in the city, Mr Kushner allegedly said: “[New Yorkers] are going to suffer and that’s their problem.”

Below the text is a line of what appears to be red and white body bags of those who died during the coronavirus pandemic.

The anti-Trump conservative political action group tweeted out photos of the billboards in place on Thursday morning, ahead of the final presidential debate.

They occupy a prominent position at 1500 Broadway on the corner of West 44th St, above the Walt Disney-owned Times Square Studios, home to ABC’s Good Morning America.

In response to a tweet that implied spending money in New York was a waste given its status as a Democratic Party stronghold, the group posted a follow up tweet: “Lincoln Project launched with the intention of defeating Trump and Trumpism. As such, we’re in swing states and Senate races that are winnable.”

It continues: “But this fight goes beyond Election Day. There must be accountability for the lying and deaths — this is just the start.”

Donald Trump, his family, and key figures from his administration and campaign have all been the targets of social media-driven ads by the conservative group, that have frequently gone viral.

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