Legendary PL Liverpool Players

Liverpool are one of the most classic Football teams in the world, and it feels like they are hyped up with the latest trophies conquered. However, what about taking a look back in time to some legendary players that served the Reds in the PL for a long time?

This is what we’ll talk about in this article. It is absolutely true that many of the current names on the team will make this list in a few years. But the mightytips correct score of the victory can be found on the website for accurate predictions.

And that’s why we won’t be including any of the current serving players, as they still have some to prove in terms of loyalty.

Jamie Carragher

A childhood Everton fan, Jamie Carragher is one of the greatest idols in Liverpool’s history for several reasons, but mainly because he seems to carry the meaning of the club in his veins. At the age of 10, he arrived at the club to never leave while his career lasted.

A phrase said by Jamie Carragher himself demonstrates a lot about his Liverpool career: “There may be some more skilled players in the squad, but none can say that I don’t give 100%.” With the reds, there were nine titles, even in a period that is not known as one of the most victorious in the club’s history.

We speak here of the second player who most often entered the field with the Liverpool shirt: 737 games. He has already played on the sideline and central defender, which was how he achieved the most prominence in his career. Jamie Carragher is one of the legends of Anfield Road, having his big moment at the Miracle of Istanbul in 2005.

John Barnes

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, John Barnes is one of the great idols in Liverpool’s history, mainly because of his great displays in the late 1980s and 1990s. Barnes is one of the main icons of his generation, the one who would win the English Championship in 1990 and would see the club face a long fast until 2020.

For the time, perhaps John Barnes was ahead of his time. He was a dominator of the midfield, mainly doing the function of box-to-box, that is, the midfielder who travels across the field according to the requirement of the game. Of course, his physique was a vital part of his game, but his real differential has always been his intelligence and calmness in knowing how to act in the sector.

His great act with the Liverpool shirt was in the 1989/1990 season, when Liverpool were English champions and had John Barnes as top scorer, ahead of Ian Rush. That year, Barnes won one of the best player awards of the year and in the final game of the season, he still scored his first hat-trick of his career. His passage through Anfield lasted 10 years, between 1987 and 1997.

Robbie Fowler

Controversial and top scorer, Robbie Fowler is yet another of Liverpool’s great idols who started at the club in the youth league, as well as Liddell, Carragher and Gerrard. His start on the Anfield team was surprising and very encouraging: 13 goals in his first 15 games on the Reds’ main team.

Unexpectedly, his start was so incredible that in 1995 and 1996 he won the Young Player of the Year award from the Football Association of England. Because of his busy public life and fame as a brown man, Fowler was constantly criticized by the English press.

However, in what mattered, on the field, Fowler was a phenomenon. Over nine years defending the Reds, there were 183 goals in 369 matches, and many historic moments. For his quality as a player, his controversial style as a football star, Fowler is in the minds of many Reds as one of the greatest in the club’s history.

Steven Gerrard

There is no way to talk about Liverpool without talking about Steven Gerrard. It was 26 years with Anfield Road as his home, from his childhood to his 35 years. Gerrard has always been a fan of the club and this made his relationship with the city and Liverpool one of the greatest in the history of world football.

He was able to combine his passion for the club with his gigantic technical skill. Gerrard dominated absolutely all phases of the midfield, having defensive and offensive skills, which made him an entirely complete player. In addition, he was a true leader, so much so that he was the one with the captain’s armband the most, with an incredible 473 games.

Gerrard is so legendary that even without a Premier League title, no one will ever dispute his greatness. With 710 games and 186 goals, Steven Gerrard is always at the top of the club’s list of positive numbers. Protagonist in winning the 2005 Champions League, Gerrard is undoubtedly the greatest Red symbol of an entire generation, and will forever be remembered as one of Liverpool’s idols.


From Jamie Carragher to Stevie G, the Reds have had some absolute legendary names in so-called dark times for the club in the EPL. It wasn’t easy for them, but they stood still and now they can say they wrote their names down in the club’s recent history.

Some other names could have also made it to this list, but as we highlighted right at the beginning of this article, it is not about skills nor achievements, but mostly about loyalty and passion for the club, and that’s something that these aforementioned players have had through their whole career at the club.