Lady Gaga reveals ‘exactly’ what she did wrong on ‘Sopranos’

“House of Gucci” isn’t the first time Lady Gaga has paid homage to her Italian roots.

Before she scored the 2019 Oscar of Best actress for her role in Bradley Cooper’s ‘A Star Is Born,’ she was just “Girl at Swimming Pool #2” in “The Sopranos.”

Gaga, whose legal name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, starred in season three’s episode titled “The Telltake Moozadell.” But despite a now successful acting career, when the 35-year-old looks back on her early acting career that began on the wildly popular HBO series, she realizes she had a lot to learn.

“I didn’t know how to listen in a scene,” the 12-time Grammy winner told Entertainment Weekly. “I was supposed to laugh, and it was sort of like, cue, laugh,” she said. “I see it and I go, oh, that’s not a real laugh!”

While she later appeared in MTV’s “Boiling Point” and “The Hills,” she has since grown as an actor. Now, starring as Patrizia Reggiani in Ridley Scott’s “House of Gucci,” the musician-turned-actress knew how to take on the role head-on, becoming her character off-screen and gaining weight.

She said she didn’t know how to listen during a scene, faking laughs that sounded forced.
Courtesy of HBO

“The nuance and being specific as an actor is something that can grow over time if you’re willing to listen and really hear the other actor that you’re working with,” Gaga explained of the work she has done since that first role playing a high school teenager giggling in a gym and eating pizza.

“I see a very non-specific actor [on The Sopranos], and now I see myself as someone who is at least really striving to be specific without thinking about it, and that requires a lot of work ahead of time,” says Gaga. “I really thank my acting teacher, Susan Batson, she and I worked for months and months on this before we filmed, and Ridley Scott, an incredible director who creates a sanctuary for you on set to just fly.”

Lady Gaga
She told entertainment outlets she’s “grown” as an actress since her first, uncredited appearance on-screen.

While her Italian accent could use some work, she told the Hollywood Reporter that all it takes is “knowing how to use your voice.”

“If I can sing rock ‘n’ roll or jazz or country or pop music,” Gaga explained. “I knew I could speak in a specific Northern Italian accent.”

In addition to seeing Gaga’s acting work at play, people can’t stop talking about the sex scene with co-star Adam Driver, playing Maurizio Gucci.

Lady Gaga
Now, she’s the star of “House of Gucci,” after the beginning of a successful musician-turned-actress career, earning multiple Grammys and an Oscar.

“We were feeling it, so to speak! Everything I say sounds like a double entendre, but we winged it,” Driver told Entertainment Weekly. “I will say also, at that point, we had been shooting for a month, so we felt very comfortable to go where we needed to go.”

The scene was the buzz amongst audiences — albeit small ones. The movie, which was widely scrutinized by critics, only racked in $3.39 million on Thanksgiving, usurped by Disney’s “Encanto.”