Know Everything About Rhinoplasty AKA Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is basically a procedure of altering the shape of your nose or having done some changes in its structure for facial beauty or medical purposes. The people who opt for Rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons are basically the ones who do not like the shape of their nose and think of it as a barrier in their desirable appearance.

On the other hand, people having a nose job for medical reasons are the ones who suffer from breathing problems related to the nose or had some disfigurement or any birth defect. Either way, Rhinoplasty has proved to be an effective solution for both kinds.

With the advancement in the field of Cosmetic Surgery, Rhinoplasty did become a popular concept. From some of the most famous celebs to locals, everyone is considering this procedure as an option for eliminating their nose-related problem.

Rhinoplasty Procedure

To start with the procedure of having a nose job you must first consult a surgeon and after evaluating your facial structure they will tell you if what you are expecting is realistic or not. In this consultation process, you will also get to know about some possible risks, recovery time, some precautions and the cost of getting the whole thing done.

The procedure of Rhinoplasty starts with giving you anesthesia that will numb the area of your nose so that you don’t feel any pain through the surgery. The surgeon will make the cuts in your nostril and also maybe across the base of the nose. After that, he will reshape your nose according to the need and that’s about it.

The process of recovery after having a nose job is not complicated. You will just have to wear a nasal splint for one week. You may experience swelling and bruising under your eyes but it will wear off within three days. You will return to your normal activities in less than a month without anyone noticing that you had a nose job.