Kim Kardashian taught Sean Borg how to take selfie pics

Hollywood is an exciting place, especially for anyone on the outside wanting in. We experience its glamour through social media and other news platforms, following the lives of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and numerous other international stars.

So if you get the chance to pose for a selfie with someone as famous as Kim, you’d jump at it. Entertainment personality Sean Borg did just that back in April 2017, when the well-known Brit’ attended the Hollywood premiere of the Christian Bale movie — “The Promise.” Kim was at the event, along with her sister Kourtney.

The Kardashians: Kim arriving at the premiere of ‘The Promise’ with sister Kourtney

Sean would often see Kim, 39, at clubs Hollywood such as Hyde and Les Deux, where Kim and Paris Hilton frequented

The former star of U.S. Fox TV news show told the Australian website — Best in AU: “Kim was always very down to earth. So it was a pleasant surprise to run into her at the film premiere that night.”

He said: “I hadn’t seen Kim for years until that night. I met her through Paris Hilton well over a decade ago, and way before she was famous. It was back when I was working on the TV show, TMZ.”

Camera Ready! On the carpet—Sean Borg arriving at the world premiere of ‘The Promise’

As Sean was walking the press line at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, Kim arrived at the same time.

He continued: “It was mayhem on the press line, the photographers were calling out my name as was I posing for a few pictures, then I heard them shouting out ‘Kim, KIM,’ I turned around, and there she was. Kim recognized me straight away and waved over at me.”

The 52-year-old, said: “I slowed down my pace along the press line so that Kim would catch up with me. I thought to myself, I had to have a selfie her. And why not?!”

“As Kim approached me, she gave me a big grin and said, “Heyyyyy. Everyone was looking in our direction.”

Kim laughed off Sean’s first attempt at taking a selfie with her

Sean then lifted his iPhone and asked the star to pose for a selfie. He said: “She was very relaxed about taking a picture with me and laughed at my first attempt, as it was an awful picture. Kim came out blurred.

“So then Kim gave me a little direction on how to take the second one. She told me to ‘hold it to the side for a better angle, and then slowly spin until I found my best light, she said. It worked! Well, Kim looks great in the picture, but me? — Um, not so much.”

During Sean’s quick, “perfect selfie” lesson, he recalled, Kim showed him how to hold the camera properly. “She told me I had it down, big time! ‘You’re good at this,’ she said.”

Kim did an excellent job teaching Sean the art of selfie-taking on the quick

“Considering we only had a minute’s lesson to take the picture before media and autograph hunters besieged her, I think she did an excellent job in giving me advice.”

“I think I still look horrible in the picture, but Kim looks great. And so she should. She is the Queen of taking selfies, sometimes it can be challenging to take a flattering photo of yourself, so who better to take direction from?” he giggled.

Sean, who recently quit showbiz journalism to work in lifestyle and travel television, has lived in LA after moving from the UK, he arrived in Tinseltown in the mid-90s.

It was rumored recently that Netflix TV chiefs in Mumbai want to meet with Sean to discuss potential travel TV opportunities. Borg, currently known for the Trivago advertisements in Europe, he plans to visit India for business meetings in early 2020.