Kim Kardashian reveals the item North West gets in Kris Jenner’s will

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

And it looks like Kris Jenner’s will includes one very special gift for her granddaughter, North West.

Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter, 9, stands to inherit a “one-of-a-kind” Chanel bag from the family matriarch.

Kardashian, 41, hit the “Late Late Show with James Corden” Thursday and talked about the haute hand-me-down.

When the Skims founder did her first “high-stakes photoshoot” with late Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld while pregnant with her first child, she was crossing her fingers for one of his pricey purses.

“The big myth is that he’ll give you a bag on set if it’s like your first photo shoot with him,” the “Kardashians” star said. “I was so excited, I was like dreaming about what kind of bag he was going to give me.”

That is, until her mom walked in “decked in head-to-toe vintage Chanel.”

“The boots, the gloves, every accessory she can find … earrings, headband, hat, glasses, fanny pack, bag, backpack. It was like the craziest Chanel scene I’ve ever witnessed,” Kardashian recalled of Jenner’s “next-level” look.

“So [Lagerfeld] falls in love with her,” she continued. “It’s all about Kris Jenner.”

At the end of the shoot, Kardashian was “dying waiting for [her] bag,” and Lagerfeld brought out one of the luxury label’s famed Lego clutches.

“It was one-of-a-kind … a runway piece that didn’t even go into production,” the reality star said. “I’m literally like, ‘This is the moment. He’s going to give me the bag’ … Then he goes over me and hands it to my mom.”

Karl Lagerfeld posing with Kris Jenner
“Fashion God and Icon,” Jenner captioned an Instagram photo with Lagerfeld (and her special gift) at the time.

Continued Kardashian, “I went into the bathroom, started hysterically crying and I’m like pregnant, hormonal, flew all the way to Paris for this. I call my cousin … and I’m like, ‘This bitch took my f—king bag.”

While Jenner’s crystal-studded runway style wasn’t made available for purchase, a similar black-and-white Lego clutch from the same collection is currently going for a whopping $12,760 on 1stdibs.

Kardashian added that she had big plans to gift North the bag – but fortunately, the tiny trendsetter will eventually own the purse, as Jenner has a provision in her will that states North will inherit it when she dies.

kris jenner with north west
Kris Jenner is close to her granddaughter North West, 9.
Getty Images For Balenciaga