Keep Notes gets a fresh coat of Google’s new revamped Material Design

Google has updated its Keep Notes app with the revamped Material Design aesthetic.

The new Keep Notes has plenty of white and makes the switch to Product Sans font. However, it mostly features the same functionality.

The update is being rolled out as version 5.0.411.

Google’s suite of apps do continue to receive updates to the revamped version of Material Design slowly but surely. Keep Notes is the now the latest app to get the update and features all the refreshes one expected from the new Material Design.

You will notice that Google’s love affair with white has yet to die as soon as you open the app. Notes has gray borders to prevent them from blending in the white background. The end result is a superior modern aesthetic that sticks close to how the other apps from Google look like.

It would now have a bar at the top that lets you search through your notes. The Google account avatar is now in the top-right corner instead of in the navigation drawer. The navigation drawer remains mostly the same. Apart from the Google account avatar removed, the only major difference is the Google Keep iconography at the top.

The iconography looks really nice, by the way. Google made the switch to its Product Sans font, which is very visually appealing but may not be to everyone’s liking.

Once you are in a particular note, the differences are not that much evident. Though there are no borders to speak of and some of the icons did get an , just about everything else is intact.  You can still change the background color of each note if the white is too much for you.

The refreshed Keep Notes would be rolled out through the Play Store and the latest version is v5.0.411.