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Kardashians hope Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner reconcile officially

Erin Clark



Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner reconcile
Image Source: Twitter

As Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner continue spending time together post-breakup, her family members are hoping they will reconcile officially, a source informs PEOPLE.

As per the source, Travis and Kylie are spending time with each other because of their daughter Stormi. They seem ‘okay’ and aren’t facing any disagreements or arguments, the source explains.

Meanwhile, Kylie’s family wants the two to get back together officially, the source adds. He may not be a perfect human being, but he is a great dad and partner, said the source. Everyone would get upset if the two cannot figure out things and reconcile.

Kylie and Travis make a great team, continues the source, and it is a good symbol that they still like chilling together.

Previously this month, PEOPLE reported about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott taking a break from their two-year-long relationship. The news was officially confirmed by Kylie, 22, a couple of days later via a tweet.

Their primary ‘focus’ is Stormi right now, she wrote, adding that their daughter and their friendship is the priority.

Since then, the Kylie Cosmetics owner and the 28-year-old rapper stayed committed to co-parenting their 20-month-old daughter. On Monday, Travis shared one video of Stormi dancing to one of her daddy’s songs. Kylie was also present there and could be heard clearly off-camera.

After the clip was put up, a source informed PEOPLE that the duo’s relationship is uncertain. It didn’t seem like anything has changed between them, the source added.

That being said, another report suggested that the two are completely on a ‘break’ but they are good at co-parenting the toddler.

In simple words, though the two may be chilling with hanging around they are certainly not back together yet. Well, their relationship is much more complicated in comparison to Rachel and Ross from ‘Friends.’

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DGA Awards announces nominees in different categories: drama, comedy, variety/talk specials

Michael Leahy



DGA Awards announces nominees in different categories

With the DGA Awards 2020 to be held on January 26, the Directors Guild of America has announced the nominations.

The DGA was all set to announce the names of nominated contestants in various categories on Monday. However, the nominations could not come out due to a submission process that has been newly installed. Therefore, the names of the nominees in drama, comedy, and talk special/news/sports/variety were announced after a re-voting procedure.

The major nominations were taken away by The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel from Amazon, and HBO shows Game of Thrones, and Watchmen respectively.

The nominations for ‘Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series’ include David Mandel and Bill Hader for their work in Veep and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel respectively. Bill was nominated and awarded in the same category last year as well. Amy Sherman-Palladino has also been nominated for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s ‘It’s Comedy or Cabbage’.

Furthermore, nominations for ‘Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Drama Series’ include Mark Mylod for his work in the series Succession, Game of Thrones. David Nutter, etc. Also, Nicole Kassell has been nominated for the shows Watchmen. Stephen Williams and Miguel Sapochnik were nominated for “Watchmen” This Extraordinary Being and Game of Thrones.

Amongst the nominees in the category talk/sports/news/variety for outstanding directorial achievement include Spike Jonze for his work in Aziz Ansari: Right Now and Wanda Sykes’ Linda Mendoza. Glein Weiss has also been nominated for her work at the 91st Annual Academy Awards.

The list was to come out on Monday but was held back by the Guild and finally revealed on Friday.

Besides, HBO saw greater number of the nominations for various series than Netflix for the DGA 2020 Awards.

The DGA Awards for the various categories will be awarded in Los Angeles’ Ritz-Carlton Hotel on the 26th of January this year. 

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Christmas to light up just the same for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Michael Leahy



Christmas to light up just the same for Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Although Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have drifted apart, the duo is in good terms with one another. The former couple, keeping their differences aside, is focusing upon parenting towards their only child, Stormi Webster.

Despite the break-up, there has not been any visible instance of ill feelings towards one another. While co-parenting young Stormi, Kylie, and Travis have left no stones unturned for the sake of their daughter.

Both of them celebrated Thanksgiving and Halloween with Stormi together. Further, Travis went to the Palm Spring House of Kris to celebrate Thanksgiving with the family. Moreover, Travis and Kylie celebrated all the major festivities together.

According to the sources, Travis and Kylie went out with the family to a casino during Thanksgiving. The two were reportedly warm with each other. Besides, they kept on whispering in each other’s ears quite often, genuinely enjoying their time together..

Hence, Christmas is expected to be no different for the rapper and the young entrepreneur.

Notably, the former couple met each other back in the year 2017 in April at Coachella. The duo had immense love and respect for each other. About a year later, daughter Stormi Webster was born to Kylie and Travis.

However, they confirmed the split on the 1st of October 2019 after dating for about two years. The reason behind the split was reportedly the differences in opinion. According to reports, while Kylie wished for another baby, Travis wanted to be all about his career.

According to sources, Kylie being just 22 has her whole life ahead and she didn’t wish to be the wife a normal rapper. Moreover, her priorities hugely differed from that of Travis along with their schedules. Hence, they both went ahead to end the relationship without any conflict. However, they have been very much considerate about their daughter and are getting along well, keeping their egos aside.

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The Far Side to make a return after 25 years

Michael Leahy



The Far Side
Image Credit: The Verge

After a long period of time, the creator of The Far Side has re-launched the comic strip on Creator Gary Larson took retirement from his work about 25 years back. However, the cartoonist is back with his previous works in his revamped webpage released on Monday.

Furthermore, the creator plans to release exclusive new cartoons along with the old ones in the year 2020. This is to commemorate the completion of forty years of The Far Side.

Gary retired from cartoon making back in 1995 after drawing for regular newspapers for about 15 years. Gary stated the reason behind his retirement as fear and fatigue to eventually fall into the category of mediocrity.

Moreover, in the letter published on his webpage, Gary stated how he used to initially deny considering the digital platform. According to Gary, he tried to keep his work from the internet due to his emotional withdrawal from offering his work beyond his control.

However, the cartoonist stated that he had not foreseen the correlation between the emerging platform and his cartoons. Gary further mentioned his appreciation for the development of security policies. Besides, Gary was reportedly happy with the advancements in the graphics.

The American cartoonist further expressed his feelings on the recent copyright infringement battle. Gary wrote on his dislikes to chase down the websites with cartoons from The Far Sight as most of the time it is a fan operating them. Furthermore, Gary wrote that his cartoons have been used to sell products ranging from rodent control to donuts. This shows the range of his work.

Gary wrote in his letter that he intends to bring smiles to the faces of people. The artist concluded his letter hoping that the reasons for his delay would suffice. He further added that although he delayed coming on the online platform, he has finally joined the party now and hopes to enjoy his time.   

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