Jonathan Pryce Reveals He Was Hospitalised for a Week After Getting Diagnosed With Coronavirus in March

Oscar-nominated veteran actor Jonathan Pryce has revealed that he was diagnosed with coronavirus in March and he is doing well now. The 73-year-old actor said he was hospitalised for a little over a week after he showed pneumonia as one of the symptoms for COVID-19. “I had coronavirus in late March. I was hospitalised for eight days with Covid pneumonia. It left me tired and anxious for a long time, but I’m over that,” Pryce told The Guardian newspaper. Breaking Bad Alum Bryan Cranston Reveals He Recovered From the Novel Coronavirus (View Post)

“I’ve now got high levels of antibodies so I’m secretly rather pleased with myself,” he added. “The Two Popes” star said he “secretly enjoyed” being cocooned at home during quarantine. “One comfort of being in lockdown was that everyone else was, too. Well, apart from Dominic Cummings (chief adviser to UK PM Boris Johnson). I live in an area of east London with a lovely community feel. Angelina Jolie Advocates Right to Education For Refugee Children Amid Coronavirus Crisis

We all looked out for each other, dropping off home-made bread and cakes,” he said. Pryce was last seen in the sci-fi series “Tales from the Loop”, which started streaming on Amazon Prime Video in April.

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