Jennifer Coolidge is going to Harvard — for Hasty Pudding honor

Jennifer Coolidge has one more trophy to add to her shelf this awards season.

The breakout “White Lotus” crowd-pleaser, 61, will receive the 2023 Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year accolade from Harvard University.

On Feb. 4, the Boston native will command a parade through Harvard Square and Hasty Pudding will then host a roast of her.

“We are so excited to welcome Jennifer Coolidge back to her hometown and to Harvard, the iconic setting of ‘Legally Blonde,’ ” said Maya Dubin, Harvard’s Man and Woman of the Year coordinator, in a statement.

Jennifer Coolidge
Coolidge will be honored with the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Award at Harvard University on Feb. 4.
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Coolidge famous stole scenes from Reese Witherspoon in 2001 “Legally Blonde” and its 2003 sequel. A third installment is reportedly now in the works.

Now, the Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actress will be honored with the iconic Pudding Pot prize. Following the ceremony, a performance of the Pudding’s 174th production, Cosmic Relief, will take place.

“Her glittering personality and comedic presence are so Pudding,” Dubin added. “We know she’ll fit right into the Pudding’s musical spectacular, though she’ll still have to earn her Pudding Pot onstage.”

Harvard Yard
Coolidge will heading to Harvard University on Feb. 4 to accept the honor.
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“Better Call Saul” star Bob Odenkirk will be honored Feb. 2 with the Man of the Year award, but as tradition dictates, there will be no parade.

Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals — the thespian student society at the college — created the Woman of the Year trophy back in 1951.

The medal is given annually to entertainers who have made a lasting contribution to Hollywood.

Coolidge has recently scored an Emmy, Golden Globe and a Critics Choice awards for her work on “The White Lotus.”

She revealed earlier this month how she didn’t expect to get emotional when accepted her Golden Globe on Jan. 10.

“I was surprised at how I spilled my guts!” she told Page Six. “I was standing in front of that crowd and I forgot where I was. I was saying a lot of my feelings. I wasn’t trying to be funny — I was being serious.”

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The “White Lotus” star has recently won an Emmy, a Golden Globe and Critic’s Choice trophies for her role in the HBO drama.
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The speech consisted of Coolidge saying how her dreams of being in the entertainment biz had been “fizzled” by life and she supported herself by going on a string of small ring parts back in the days before her breakout role.