Jan Blachowicz Remembers His ‘Good Experience’ of Going Against Twenty Men in a Club

The story of Jan Blachowicz is one of perseverance and grind. The UFC light heavyweight champion has even worked as a bouncer in a club. Remembering his stint as a bouncer, Blachowicz looked back upon his experience of taking on twenty men at once. While he ended up on the losing side, he still looks back upon it as ‘good experience’.

Blachowicz has had a long and treacherous path before becoming a UFC champion. He defied the odds in his last fight against Dominick Reyes as he captured the vacant light heavyweight crown at UFC 253. Following this, he received a grand welcome in his nation of Poland, even getting a chance to meet the Prime Minister.

However, Blachowicz has paid his dues to reach the spot he is in right now. He didn’t let a slow start to his UFC stint lower his belief that he can eventually have the gold around his waist. Moreover, he has always attempted to learn from the experiences life has thrown at him.

Jan Blachowicz explains how fighting twenty men benefitted him

In a recent interview with Submission Radio, Blachowicz was asked to narrate a funny incident from his days as a bouncer. While the incident that he narrated wasn’t exactly funny, it did reflect his championship mentality.

Maybe this is not a funny story, but one time it was just the three of us on the club. We had a fight against 20 guys. Of course, we lost that fight because it was too many of them. They just completely destroyed the club and us. Also, that was a, you know, good experience for the future,” the UFC 205-pounds champ said.

After this, we know what to expect. From this moment we were prepared for stuff like this and it never happened again. It was a bad night for us but now when I look back it’s funny,” he added.

Blachowicz also talked about what lies ahead in his fighting career. He said that a fight with Jon Jones makes a lot of sense. However, at the same time, he feels Jones is avoiding him by moving up to heavyweight.

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