“It Never Misses”: Roger Federer Reveals the Shot He Would Take From 11-Time Grand Slam Champion

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Roger Federer is often praised for having a perfect all-round tennis skill set. Although very much true, his elegant yet brittle single-handed backhand has been the achilles heel for him in the past few years. Knowing that very well, Federer, without any hesitation, wants the backhand of the 11-time Grand Slam champion, Bjorn Borg.

In conversation with ATP, Federer was joined by tennis legend Bjorn Borg. On being asked about which shot Federer would take from Bjorn Borg’s game, the Swiss Master mentioned that he would take his ‘unbeatable’ backhand.

“Backhand and down the line, like it never misses. My battle has been my whole life to make sure I can hit the four backhands in a row over the court nicely and I feel like Bjorn could close his eyes and do that all day long.”

Roger Federer calls Bjorn Borg ‘the king’

Federer went into a total fanboy mode, explaining and admiring the must-have asset that is Bjorn Borg’s backhand.

Roger Federer during a match. (Photo by Ashley Vlotman/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

“If I knew my backhand would never miss that would be an asset to have. I’ve always admired Bjorn the way he carried himself and what he did for the game and that’s why you’re the king Bjorn.”

Which shot would Bjorn Borg take from Federer?

Later, Bjorn was also given the chance to choose a shot from Federer’s varied skill set. And the Swedish legend chose Federer’s most potent weapon, the backhand slice.

“I like to take his slices backhand. He slices backhand well and I like that very much. It’s very effective when he is in that mood and he knows exactly what to do with that slice backhand.”

It is to be noted that Federer’s backhand is not bad. But it is undoubtedly his weakest shot among all his range. On his day, it is one of the best shots to see but recently, his contemporaries have targeted and found success against it.

To see Federer back on the court, we will have to wait for a few more months. As the Swiss master recovers from his knee surgeries, he is expected to make a return at the 2021 Australian Open.

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