“Is He Hiding?” – WWE Champion Bobby Lashley Trolls Brock Lesnar Ahead of Potential WrestleMania Showdown

"Is He Hiding?" - WWE Champion Bobby Lashley Trolls Brock Lesnar Ahead of Potential WrestleMania Showdown

Bobby Lashley finally ended his sixteen-year drought to win the WWE Championship last night on Raw. But that’s not all! There is one box left to be ticked in his to-do list, and it is a match with Brock Lesnar. ‘The Almighty’ recently had some strong words for Lesnar. Let’s find out what he had to say!

Bobby Lashley talks wrestling Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship

‘The Almighty’ recently joined Ryan Satin of FOX Sports for an interview. During the interview, Lashley touched upon several topics, including a WWE Championship match against Brock Lesnar.

He said, “Another person, ‘The Beast.’ Where is he? Is he trapped in the woods somewhere? Is he hiding, Is he ready for his big return? Like, where you at, bro? Everybody knows. You know. I know. Drew knows. Everybody knows that when Brock comes back, there’s gonna be a lot to answer to, and I welcome it.”

That wasn’t all! The CEO of The Hurt Business also stated that him versus Lesnar had slim chances before this. But now, he is the WWE Champion and it might be something that could get Lesnar to face Lashley.

“Before, it was one of those things where everybody said they wanted to see that match, and that match was probably not ever gonna come. Didn’t have anything that he wanted. But I do now. So it’s different. We’ll see. We’ll see if ‘The Beast’ comes back out to play,” he continued.

Brock Lesnar versus Bobby Lashley is a dream match not just for wrestling fans, but for Lashley himself! If you ask us, this match has all the potential to be a hard-hitting contest of two mega-moths! It’ll be no less than seeing two titans clashing for the biggest prize in WWE.

What are the chances of Brock Lesnar facing Lashley?

Although Bobby Lashley has been vocal about a dream match against Brock Lesnar over the years, ‘The Beast Incarnate’ has not responded to him even once. Now, the tables have turned. Bobby Lashley is the WWE Champion, a title that Lesnar lost and never got a rematch for.

Lesnar never set eyes on Lashley because he wasn’t ever booked as a legit top star until now! The Hurt Business has changed Lashley’s fortunes, and with this change of fortunes comes a big target on the back that Lesnar might see now.

Either way, with so many mentions of Lashley versus Lesnar in the past few weeks, it wouldn’t be shocking if ‘The Beast Incarnate’ shows up at or before WrestleMania to confront ‘The Almighty.’

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