International Animation Day Special: From The Jungle Book to The Lion King, 5 of Disney’s Classic Animated Films To Watch on Disney+ Hotstar

October 28 around the world is celebrated as International Animation Day. On this day, we come and celebrate the beautiful art form of animation. It has been great to see animation evolve into what it is today through the years as it has gotten more deep and layered. Animation has become more detailed and it’s evolved from being 2D to 3D, while 2D animation is still very much relevant. Disney+ Puts Out a Strong Disclaimer, Warns Against Stereotypes and Racism In Disney Classics.

To this day there has been one studio that has constantly been evolving animation and is one that made it so popular, that’s right I am talking about Disney. Before Pixar ever was a thing, we had Walt Disney Animation Studios. This studio always pushed the medium of animation and made it into what it is today. With their stories being perfect appetizers for children, they still had some great underlying themes to it that you would notice once you got older. So to celebrate International Animation Day, we are taking a look at five of Disney’s classic animated films that you can watch on Disney+.


We all know about the classic story of a down on luck girl who is shot up to riches after spending a magical night with a Prince. Released in the ‘50s, Cinderella is one of the earliest Walt Disney Animation Studios films, and is one that should be watched by everyone who loves this format.


Hercules is another fun musical that tells the story of the Greek God, Hercules. It has a great voice cast and some brilliant animation that is packed with dozens of pop culture references. Watching Hercules

is a certified good time.

The Jungle Book

While the Jon Favreau live action remake is popular nowadays, the story was amazingly brought to life with the original animated film. Made in 1967, the story of Mowgli won the hearts of everyone around the world. Following him in the jungle as he is adopted by a family of animals was a joy to watch. RIP Ruthie Tompson: Disney’s Pioneering Animator, Who Has Served the Studios for 40 Years, Dies at 111.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Probably the oldest film on this list, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a delight to behold. Following our titular character and her seven dwarf friends on a magical journey, this is an animated film that should be watched by every Disney fan. It’s fun, it’s great and is filled to the brim with excitement.

The Lion King

Perhaps Disney’s most acclaimed and beloved animated film, The Lion King is a masterclass in storytelling. Following the story of lion Simba who wants to avenge the death of his father and reclaim the throne, the film is filled with great music and a thrilling story. This is Disney’s magnum opus in animation and it can’t get better than this.

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