Instagram should do more to keep Ronnie McNutt’s suicide off its site, expert says

Horrific videos of US Army veteran Ronnie McNutt’s suicide were still floating around on Instagram Wednesday — and the site should be doing more to stop the clip circulating, a cybersecurity expert told The Post

The footage of the 33-year-old Mississippi man shooting himself live on Facebook on Aug. 31 was removed by Facebook on the day it was posted, but it has yet to be completely scrubbed from Instagram.

“This is dangerous,” said researcher Eric Feinberg, vice president of the Coalition For A Safer Web. “These are basically ‘how-to’ videos on committing suicide and young people are seeing this.”

Feinberg said he found several posts with the raw video on the service, as well as clips bearing a watermark from another website — and that Instagram could be doing more to block and scrub the videos from its platform.

“They’re not being responsible and it’s disgusting that they can’t figure out how to get these down,” he said. “They’re not being proactive.”

The content-sharing app could block the hashtag of McNutt’s name so that creeps can’t share or search for the video as easily, Feinberg said. Or it could manually alter its code to find and block clips from the website identified in the watermark as they’re being uploaded, instead of taking them down after the fact.

“They’re not getting to the root of the problem,” Feinberg said. “They’re playing whack-a-mole.”

Instagram didn’t immediately return a request for comment.