Indiana Mail Carrier dies after being shot on the east side of Indianapolis

In a disastrous turn of events, a post-office worker died after being shot on-duty in Indiana. As of now, the suspect is at large. At 4 p.m., the police arrived on scene by the eastern Indianapolis on Monday & found this woman with wounds from a gunshot, as reported by the WTHR.

The woman hasn’t been identified yet. She was reported to have been talking while being transported to the hospital from the crime scene on the North Denny Street, as reported by the local station. However, the patient’s condition slowly deteriorated while she was in the hospital & later succumbed to her injuries that lead to her death.

As per the statement released by Mike Hewitt, the officer-in-charge, nothing can be determined as to what caused this incident in the first place. The detectives assigned to the case are in conversation with the witnesses for the determination of the suspect & the events that led to this shooting incident.

The victim was confirmed to be an employee of the Postal Service in the United States. This shooting is also being inspected by the employers of the victim. A local witness mentioned that 10 gunshots were heard close to her residence.