“I’m At Ease”- Nickmercs Talks to TimTheTatman About Twitch DMCA Fiasco

"I'm At Ease"- Nickmercs Talks to TimTheTatman About Twitch DMCA Fiasco

Twitch took the internet by a storm when it sent DMCA notices to partnered streamers. What followed was a plethora of tweets from all these streamers talking about how they had to delete thousands of clips. This included most of their lives’ work and memories. Moreover, the event has left not only fans but a lot of streamers confused about their future on Twitch.

Many streamers have talked to contacts from Twitch as well as legal consultants to figure out how to deal with the situation. Most advised them to delete almost all of the content, which easily crosses millions of clips. However, there are still a few people who have kept these clips and are confident that they won’t face any consequences. One of these people is popular Twitch streamer Nickmercs.

TimTheTatman calls Nickmercs “stupid” for not deleting Twitch clips

Esports Talk uploaded a video that contained a clip of Nickmercs talking about the DMCA issue with TimTheTatman on his stream. Nick said that he talked to ‘his guy’ and he now feels at ease about not deleting the clips. He has chosen to keep the conversation confidential for now.

Although he was willing to disclose it to Tim, he realized that Tim had already deleted his clips. Therefore, he figured that it was pointless to let him, or anyone else in on the information.

Tim accused Nick of being stupid and compared him to DrLupo. Tim said even Lupo had deleted his clips, and he is clearly smarter than Nick. naturally, Nick disagreed over this to a degree. He said that Lupo might be smarter than him in some aspects, but he feels confident about his decision.

The banter continued to go back and forth until a point when both streamers agreed to disagree. They ended up dropping the issue and went on to play Warzone.

The conversation certainly sparked a lot of curiosity. People and streamers across the globe might wonder what is this magical solution that they don’t know about? However, for now, it seems that Nick is confident about being in the clear.

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