Huawei launches own operating system Harmony OS

On Friday Huawei announced the launch of its operating system. The company fears that it might soon lose access to Android systems due to increasing China-US trade tensions. The company is established thirty-two years ago in Guangdong, China.

By 2011, its products and services have spread in 170 countries. After Samsung, the company is the second-largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world.

The company has also witnessed hard times in the United States of America. Huawei was alleged for its cybersecurity. The US government also went onto say that the Chinese government used the company as a tool to receive private data of consumers residing in America.

Though the government of the US couldn’t prove the cybersecurity allegations against Huawei.

The residents of America stopped purchasing the smartphones from the company as the brand value was already disrupted.

Due to this disruption of brand value, Huawei pulled its operations from the United States of America in 2018.  As the trade war tensions increased between the US and China the smartphone company was restricted to do business within the American premises.

Why Huawei launched its operating system?

The trade war tensions between the US and China has increased. The operating system for Android phones is essential. As Huawei is the producer of Android smartphones, therefore, to survive in the market the software is required.

The White House has asked the US tech giants not to sell its products to Huawei. If it does then the tech selling firm can lose access to the software itself.

The head of Huawei’s consumer business, Richard Yu said in a Chinese press conference that the company has launched Harmony OS. It will serve as the new operating system for smartphones produced by Huawei. He also went onto remark that the first version of the operating system in smartphones would get launched by the end of this year.