How to prevent children from Online Gambling

How to prevent children from Online Gambling

How to prevent children from Online Gambling

People who are familiar with gambling games know how addictive they can be. One of the most significant risk factors that have concerned people from around the world is children entering the world of gambling and getting addicted. This is a severe problem since children easily get addicted since gambling games let them play with friends and connect to new players which they find exciting. At the same time, they think gambling is easy to earn money because in the beginning most of the gambling games let players win in ‘practice mode’, and children mistake about maintaining their winning rate in the future, but in reality, they start losing money soon.Many Asian teenagers visit websites like Gclub and start making first bets while in University.

In this article, we will discuss some of the disturbing facts about children in gambling and mention how to prevent children from gambling.

What do the Stats Say? 

  1. In 2005, NAESY revealed that almost 580,000 young people between the age of 14-22 do online gambling every week.
  2. According to a survey by the Oregon State Department of Human Services, 1 in every ten children is associated with online gambling. On the other hand, 1 in every 25 teens has developed a problematic addiction to online gaming.
  3. Surveys found that addiction to online gambling is 2-4 times higher among teens compared to adult players.
  4. Most of the children who gamble online are found to have developed a smoking and drinking problem. A lot of teens also mentioned that they started smoking and drinking after starting online gambling.

What to Do?

  1. The first thing parents or elders in the house need to do is explain to children how online gambling works. In the beginning, when they receive bonuses or win easily in ‘practice mode’ they might think that winning is straightforward in gambling, and they do not have to deposit too much of their money. Hence, you have to begin by breaking this misconception before it’s too late.
  2. Explain to the children that it is illegal for minors to gamble online. Let them know the online casinos are run by legal authorities and fall under the state law. They have a set of rules and regulations, and breaking them can be considered as a serious offence.
  3. Think about your attitude towards gambling. Most of the time, children adopt these practices from their family members. Hence, if you or anyone else from the family gambles online or places bets on sports on SBOBET365, then you should too change your behaviour. It would be best if you did not gamble in front of children or talk about it in front of them.
  4. Keep a check is your children are using your credit cards without your knowledge. Never let them access your maps without giving you the proper reason.
  5. Tell them how serious gambling addiction can be, how people lose everything in gambling. At the same time, how teenagers develop new addiction to smoking and drinking as they start gambling.


The best way to prevent your children from online gambling is to talk to them. Let them know the negative sides of gambling. In recent times this has become a severe matter of concern and many news channels, magazines and websites have discussed the ways to prevent children from this addiction. You, as an adult can do everything you like and even play in online casinos, but you should ban your children from visiting such websites. Although they can still access sites like Gclub on their mobile phone. So be sure to get some antivirus with child protection and firewall rules to block your kids from accessing gambling websites.

Never ignore your children if they are gambling. Gambling addiction in teenagers is a severe problem that can lead you to ruins.Moreover, you never know when things get out of your control.

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