How to Make PPC a Sound Investment for Dentists?

How do you make your business stand out in a city with very tight competition as a local dentist? How do you attract more customers without spending too much on advertising?

Nowadays, dental businesses rely not just on foot traffic but also on online strategies. One way to be seen and get more clients to walk through your dental office is through online advertisements such as pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

PPC is an advertising strategy that fits dental professionals. As said by Digital Authority Partners, PPC is a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. It is an advertising tactic that, once set up, can be a sound investment for dentists.

Let’s get to know more about PPC for dentists and how you can start with PPC ads. Also, let’s focus on making your PPC ads more profitable so that you can grow your dental practice with ease.

Starting with PPC Ads

It’s costly to pay a flat rate for a dental ad. To advertise your new product or announce a special promo can take hundreds of dollars. This is money you can use for other aspects of your marketing campaigns. What’s worse is that your ads are just sitting there, not converting or driving customers to visit your website or your local clinic!

PPC is different because it helps you save money for your other ad campaigns. As the name suggests, you will only pay for ads your customers will click. It may seem odd that Google or host websites would take PPC ads; however, it’s how PPC ads are structured.

PPC ads show at the top section of the page results, front and center in search engine results. Your ads will show on top as long as your audience uses the right keywords to locate your business. People who need your services or products will more likely click on your ads.

To start using PPC ads, you need to sign up with Google Ads if you want to place your ads on Google search results pages or as banner ads on websites. For PPC ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, you must sign up for a Facebook business account.

Why PPC for Dentists?

PPC is best for dentists for the following reasons:

  • PPC is cost-efficient – You can assign a small or big budget for your ads.
  • PPC gives you quick results – Expect immediate results, even as soon as you set up your ads.
  • PPC works for all dental campaigns – Use PPC to showcase your dental services, products, promos, special offers, etc.
  • PPC is adjustable, versatile, and practical – Adjust your PPC ads budget anytime or change your offers as needed.

How Dental PPC Can Be a Good Investment

There’s no reason not to use dental PPC this year with all these great benefits. But consider the following ways to boost your PPC ads investment:

Come up with Good Keywords

Using the right keywords will help search engines find your business and PPC ads. And it’s not just about using generalized keywords. To target your market on point, you must think of keywords your customers are likely to use to find your business.

Consider these PPC keyword strategies.

  • Include your location – Instead of just “dentists” or “dental clinics,” use “dental clinics in New York” or “New York dentists.”
  • Add your dental expertise – Using “dental implants San Diego” informs your audience that you’re the dental implant experts they’re looking for in San Diego.
  • Describe your business – Insert descriptive terms to encourage your audience further. Use “affordable dental implants in Las Vegas” or “painless tooth extraction in San Diego.”
  • Consider keyword placement – Use your keywords in the PPC title and description.

Use PPC Ads Extensions

PPC ads are short and may not be enough to describe or promote your business. You can extend your ad and promote it more efficiently online by using ad extensions.

There are many ad extensions to consider:

  • Location extensions help your customers find your dental clinic from a local map.
  • Affiliate location extensions locate your other affiliate clinics or offices in the area or the surrounding areas.
  • Phone call extensions allow your customers to call you to book your service immediately.
  • Text message extensions lead customers to a messaging service to send a message to your business ASAP.
  • Dynamic sitelink extensions promote additional web pages. These are related pages that are related to the ad.
  • Callout extensions highlight information about your business, services, or products.
  • Snippet extensions add supporting information to your ads, such as insurance coverage, service catalogs, neighborhoods, etc.
  • Price extensions help customers locate services that match their budget.
  • Review extensions display your rankings, reviews, and recognitions together with your PPC ad.
  • Promo extensions feature your latest products, services, sales, and special offers.

Update Your Landing Pages

A winning PPC ad must have an impressive landing page. This is the page where your ad leads, so it has to provide the information your customers look for.

If your PPC ad is about teeth whitening, your customers should connect to a topic’s web page. Avoid confusion and poor customer experience by updating your landing pages.

  • To please your customers, provide the latest information about your products, services, offers, and other dental info.
  • Support information with current data, statistics, and research.
  • Use dental website tools such as patient scheduling tools, medicine orders, etc.
  • Update your offers, deals, and discounts as necessary. Take note of expiring promos, out-of-stock products, etc.
  • Monitor PPC ads metrics. Use Google Ads to find out ad rankings and ad performance.

Final Words

PPC is a sound investment for dental professionals. It produces quick results so that you can quickly gauge which ad campaigns are working and which ones are not.

PPC ads are versatile, perfect for all dental campaigns. When used properly, PPC can be a quality marketing strategy to grow your dental practice.