How to Find Criminal Records online


  • NCSC do not maintain any criminal records
  • NCSC warns people that court records are NOT the same as criminal records.

Criminal records are not the same as background checks. A background check includes but is not limited to information found in public records. It also covers identity verification, employment verification, driving history, a credit check, and other components depending on what you’re looking for.

It’s never been easier to conduct a criminal background check online.

Definition of a Criminal Record

Criminal records reveal different crimes an individual has committed, including felonies, infractions, violations, and misdemeanors. They include information about the circumstances leading to someone’s arrest, the actual arrest, their trial, and their sentence: guilty/not guilty, a prison term, parole, probation information, and more.

Criminal records vary with view to where they were created. Different states, cities, municipalities, and counties have different policies for creating, storing, and documenting a convicted wrongdoer’s information.

Reliable Sources: NCSC

The NCSC makes criminal records available by state. You select your state and click on a link – it’s that simple. This is the establishment to which courts turn for reliable information and convincing facts. Collaboration and cooperation with the Conference of State Court Administrators, the Conference of Chief Justices, and other judicial associations direct this organization’s efforts. As a result of this, the NCSC is able to provide practical assistance as well as a wealth of online resources.

Court administrators, judges, and the general public can take advantage of customized benefits by turning to NCSC consultants and researchers to assess, evaluate, and implement specialized methods and tools. The NCSC is a provider of full-service solutions as well as a clearinghouse.

National Archives Court Records

You can obtain court records going more than 15 years back from the National Archives, a highly reliable government source of criminal history information. However, they don’t typically hold federal court records that are more recent. You need to turn to the respective federal court for access to these.

According to estimates of the National Archives, they dispose of more than 2 billion court material text pages. This number keeps increasing even though the court retires texts every year. Actually, it’s hardly a surprise as there are innumerable sources of court materials. These include but aren’t limited to courts of appeal, district courts, circuit courts, the Supreme Court, and certain territorial courts in advance of statehood.

The National Archives have mainly case files, including not only criminal, but also civil, law, bankruptcy, and admiralty files. They also have minutes and dockets available.


PACER offers online access to docket and case information. This source is run by the US Courts Administrative Office, which might also direct you to a center of federal records if you need copies of the records you find.

Background Check Sites

Sites like give instant accessto district, county, and state records. You need to enter the person’s first and last name, city, and state for this information. Keep in mind that most DIY screening sites are not consumer reporting agencies as the FCRA defines them. If you want to use the information you found through one, you must recognize and understand that it’s not part of a legally compliantreport.

Finally, this public record online service offers free arrest record searches, inmate lookup, and access to criminal records. You can use it if you’re concerned about an acquaintance, employee, a new neighbor, or a potential partner. It is used by various employers, businesses, and other consumers, who find it streamlines the screening process. The directory was a pioneer in DIY criminal background check searches, created in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. You get access to a mugshot database, a criminal records search, prior arrest info, and other public record data.

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