How does the UK Gambling Commission view online slots?

Over the last several decades the worldwide gambling world has changed by an extraordinary amount, with the casino industry in particular growing by a frankly quite outrageous amount. Although casino gambling was becoming outrageously popular in the latter half of the 20th century, it is the 21st century online casino explosion that has really ended up changing things, in particular with online slots – try and play Slotsbaby’s Thunderstruck slot today.

Nowadays the online slot industry is responsible for billions in worldwide revenue, as millions of gamblers flock to the games created by such eminent developers as NetEnt, Microgaming and Big Time Gaming. The developers are the most important people of course, however without regulatory authorities such as the UK Gambling Commission the industry certainly wouldn’t be as successful. Keep reading for an exploration into how the UK Gambling Commission views online slots. 

What is the UK Gambling Commission? 

First things first, what on Earth even is the UK Gambling Commission? This isn’t something that most casual gamblers will really know about, however the more seasoned slot gambling professionals will have a pretty good idea. Basically, the UK Gambling Commission is a regulatory body created by the UK government as part of The Gambling Act 2005. 

The organisation is charged with overseeing all online gambling in the UK, making sure that slot developers and online casino operators are completely transparent in how they design their games and how they operate. It is all great news for us gamblers, because without the UK Gambling Commission we would all be a lot less safe in the online casino world. 

Other examples of gambling authorities 

Of course, it is also important to remember that the UK Gambling Commission isn’t the only gaming authority in the world, as there are a few more big ones to know about. Take a look at a couple of these, for example: 

  • Malta Gaming Authority: The tiny Mediterranean island of Malta is an online casino hotspot in the 21st century, so there should be no surprise that they have their own online gambling authority – the Malta Gaming Authority. This works in pretty much the same way as the UK Gambling Commission, only centring on Malta more.
  • Gibraltar Regulatory Authority: Gibraltar is another place where the online casino industry has taken a real hold, so again there is no surprise that they have their own regulatory body. This time around it is called the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority.


How does the UK Gambling Commission view online slots? 

And how does the UK Gambling Commission view online slots? Well, as long as they follow the rules they look on the games fairly favourably, however there has been a few points of contention over the years.

These days the main controversy is to do with bet limits, as the UK government restricted this to £1 on land-based terminals, and is expected to do the same for online slots too. Only time will tell though, for now we will have to wait and see.

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