How does the Gacha System Work in Genshin Impact

If you’re into gaming, you may have heard the name Genshin Impact. This is an adventure game that you can play for free. The game is developed by miHoYo – a very famous company which is almost as prominent as the Real Time Gaming vendor providing the best experience for players. If you enjoy the platforms of AussieBestCasinos of the RTG provider you now may expect the high level of software and lots of benefits.

As for the Genshin gameplay, you control a group of four characters in an open world. The game contains various quests, dungeons, puzzles, chests, and plenty of other stuff to enjoy. It is an ever-growing title, that is why it is important to understand what the Gacha System is and how to use it.

Gacha System Explained

So, what is Gacha? In very simple terms, Gacha is a way to gamble in the game. Since the responsible gaming is very popular throughout the world according to the modern tendencies, the smart developers always add this element in role-playing activities. For example, if you are a fan of the top Aussie casinos from the list of reliable websites, ten to one that you prefer to access the game anywhere and anytime without a headache of dressing up and traveling to a land-based casino. This popular behavioral feature has been noticed, and now many well-known games suggest gambling adventures.

Back on Gacha topic, it is named after popular Japanese toy dispensers that are called Gachapon. This system will have you opening random loot boxes that contain characters and weapons inside. These are drawn randomly after you pay the in-game currency to open a box. There are multiple pools to choose from, each having different weighted options. To increase your chances of winning, you can spend more money to draw from specific pools more often.

Getting these special characters or weapons is not required to play Genshin Impact but it does add a lot to the experience. The best thing about getting an upgrade is the feeling of pulling it out of the box.

Wishes and Banners

There are two kinds of Genshin Impact Banners. These include Standard Banners and Event Banners. Both have different loot pools. You choose which one you want to spend money on. A Standard Banner will have mostly the same pool, with some changes over time. An Event Banner is released for a limited time. These can be accessed only while the event lasts and give you the chance to own featured characters.

An Event Banner will usually have a 5-star character as the lead character. So, you have a good chance to get a fully leveled-up featured character that will not be available for a long time once the event is over.

Now, these banners are drawn using Wishes. You can buy Wishes using the in-game currencies. For Event Banners, you should use Intertwined Fate Wishes, and for Standard Banners – the Acquaint Fate Wishes. If you don’t have these currencies, you may use 160 Primogems to pull any kind of Banner.

Single Wish vs. 10x Wishes

One of the things you need to decide is whether to use single Wishes or use 10 at once, as Genshin Impact allows you to perform 10 at the same time. This means that it’s better to use single Wishes instead of ten at once. If you’re looking for a certain character or weapon, you might get lucky and pull it on your 5th Wish. That way, you save your precious Pimogems that can be used on Event Banners later. If you had used all 10 Wishes at once, you would have wasted those extra 5 for not much interesting stuff.

Pity System

What if you keep spending money on Wishes but never get a high-level character? Well, that’s where the Genshin Impact pity system comes into play. You may have seen Twitch casino streamers showcasing something similar. This ensures that after a certain number of pulls, you will get a certain kind of character.

For example, if you don’t get anything with at least 4 stars on 9 pulls in a row, you are guaranteed to get an object with 4 stars or higher on your 10th pull. Similarly, if you go 89 pulls without getting a stuff with 5 stars, you will definitely get a 5-star item on your 90th pull.

Other than this Hard Pity, players have reported that a Soft Pity System also exists. This ensures that once you have made a total of 75 pulls, your chances of getting a 5-start item before you reach 90 pulls increase significantly.

Bottom Line

So, Gacha in Genshin Impact is akin to gambling in a casino. You can open character and weapon banners in the hopes of getting something you really want, by spending real money. The good thing about this is that it’s quite fun collecting all these rare items. And with the pity in place, you are guaranteed to get something after spending a certain amount of money if you’re unlucky with your pulls. This makes it hurt a little less when you keep using Wishes but don’t get anything good. All in all, the game has incorporated this aspect in a very fun and unique way that should enhance anyone’s experience.