‘Horrific scene’: Woman ‘decapitates mother’ as four-year-old boy looks on

A woman will be assessed in hospital after she allegedly decapitated her mother with several knives in front of the 57-year-old’s grandson in their western Sydney home.

Police did not confirm the nature of the mother’s injuries but Australian media reported she had been beheaded during the incident in the Australian city of Sydney on Saturday night.

The woman’s 25-year-old daughter was arrested in the front garden of a neighbour’s house after allegedly putting her mother’s head on the footpath outside. She did not apply for bail, with her lawyer telling the court she had significant health issues. An order was made for her to be assessed in hospital before her next court appearance.

Officers said a four-year-old boy, who is understood to be the victim’s grandson, witnessed the incident and was treated in hospital for a minor head injury before being returned to his family.

Detective Superintendent Brett McFadden described the attack as “up there with one of the most significant, most horrific scenes police have to deal with”, adding that the injuries to the victim “were extensive”.

He would not confirm the decapitation reports but said a number of knives were used in the “horrific” attack on the older woman in St Clair on Saturday night.

He added police understood there had been an argument between the woman and her mother, named in Australian media as Rita Camilleri, 57, that had become violent.

Neighbours called police and the mother’s body was found in the home, with multiple injuries.