Here is a list of healthiest and unhealthiest cities in the U.S.

As notified, there are a good number of healthiest cities in Western Coast lying in America. The WalletHub carried out extensive research to formulate a list of the healthiest cities in the U.S. According to its study, San Francisco has been named as the healthiest one and other cities in this list are Seattle, San Diego, Portland, and Washington D.C. The dimensions based on whom this comparison was done include health care, green space, fitness as well as food.

There has been a prevalence of lowest premature death rate in these cities. Also, the majority of the Californian cities have seen an increased percentage of adults consuming fruits/vegetables every day. Mentioning about the physically active adults, the West Coast tops the list.

On the other hand, the southern provinces of the U.S. have the unhealthiest cities comprised in them. Brownsville located in Texas is considered to be the least healthy destination followed by Alabama and Georgia. These states have many people with much obesity; thus, their physical activities would be lesser. Dr. Charles Platkin entails that eating is a culture here and the atmosphere is rather relaxing.

Some of the states are also defined as the ones having the highest poverty levels. The city of Texas i.e. Corpus Christi grabs a position of no. 12 amongst the unhealthiest cities since it comprises of lesser healthy restaurants. Also, it has the highest number of adults who don’t consume vegetables/fruits on a daily basis.