Gotham Knights: Creative Director Discusses Interesting Details

The DC FanDome introduced the world to Gotham Knights. Its trailer was a visual masterpiece and was based after the events of the ‘Knightfall Protocol’ in Arkham Knight. Gotham City didn’t have Batman protecting them anymore, and this is where Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin, and Red Hood took over.

The event also unveiled a gameplay trailer for the same. It uncovered a lot of the game intricacies regarding combat, recon, and skill progression. A detailed breakdown for the gameplay can be found here.

Recently, Creative Director for Gotham Knights, Patrick Redding, spoke to the official PlayStation Blog. He discussed the game’s combat system, skill progression, open-world system, and the game’s antagonists.

For starters, the blog revealed character-specific combat styles. “Red Hood is a brutal brawler with a focus on gunplay. Nightwing’s acrobatics lead to a more exaggerated style of fighting, while the current Robin favours stealth and is a dab hand at using status effects to disrupt enemies.”

Redding commented on Batgirl by saying “She combines a laser-focused, targeted and efficient melee fighter approach with a lot of resilience and the ability to weaponize her environment using hacking,”

The open-world and antagonists in Gotham Knights

The events of the Arkham Knight title took place in just one night. For Gotham Knights, Redding revealed “It’s not one story set over one night, but really about the mid to long term growth of the hero. The game affords players a huge amount of growth and a huge amount of goal setting in an open world environment that they need to protect, that they need to go back to again and again.

The blog also revealed details about the game’s open-world that has a ‘vivid, ever-thriving ecosystem’. “The Knights will explore this world by grapple or Batcycle, battling baddies and gradually finding evidence, major clues that point to the larger storyline, the next chapter of the larger mystery,”

The trailer showed the game had multiple antagonists. The gameplay trailers showed Mr. Freeze to be one of them. But, the main antagonists of the game are pegged to be ‘The Court of Owls’.

According to the blog, it was a secret society that shaped and twisted Gotham as per their wish. They will play a major role in shaping the game’s story. The game will also have players doing tedious detective work, which will lead to the villain eventually.

The game brought a unique angle to its gameplay where a co-op mode will now be available. It was announced to come out at a certain date in 2021 and will be expected to live up to its predecessor.

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