Google Photos will allow you to search for text within a photo

Google Photos comes with some automatic photo-tagging features already which allow users to find each photo that they have ever captured with just a simple search. However, after a few sharp users located an all-new feature, Google announced that Photos now is receiving the ability to search for photos by specific text inside the image.

Google Photos announced through its Twitter account that its brand new text search feature would be releasing this month officially, with a couple of lucky users getting access to this feature already.

How does the feature work?

The way this new text searching feature function is that when your photos get uploaded to Google Photos, Google utilizes on-screen character recognition (OCR) filter for scanning your pics and then tags them using a related text. The filter works on all kinds of pictures including images of books, screenshots, and also on the text that you would see in real-world such as stop sign.

So, the next time you search for the photos of receipts, you simply could look for the name of the item rather than scrolling through several photos. That’s it! It is that simple. Though if you haven’t received the update yet, you will have to hang on tight and wait till Google rolls out the new Photos version to your smartphone in the coming weeks.

What’s more?

The search feature in Google Photos can also be merged with Google Lens to make things super handy. That is because after you are done finding the text in Google Photos, you can tap on the Lens button in order to copy the text from within a photo and paste it elsewhere, say in another app. This makes things a lot more convenient and better.

Reportedly, the text search feature would work in iOS and Android apps and also on the Google web client.