Google Pay and other Google Applications with Dark Theme

Google will soon switch its all applications to the dark theme. Like Google Pay come up with its latest update with “dark mode.” We can expect the release just in the coming weeks. This dark mode will release with version 2.96.264233179 app update in Android 10. The latest version will available on the Google Play Store so that you get it as soon as possible.

However, it’s not new, as some of you may have noticed earlier a portion of Google Pay with a dark screen. This time users will get the entire app altered with the dark mode.

Not only just Google Pay, Google is experimenting with “Dark Mode” for Chrome, other applications, and other devices also. Different devices like Laptop, smartphones, m acOS, Android, and iOS would have a different procedure to enable the dark mode.

In April, Google has added a “Chrome Flag” to enable dark mode in the beta version of the chrome browser. Similarly last month Google has launched “Gallery Go” with lightweight picture manager. On 15th August Google Photos got an update that adds dark mode. However, some other apps like Messenger already have a dark theme.

Few Reasons of “Dark Theme”

The dark mode will save your battery life via Android police. It will enhance the battery life of the ones with AMOLED display. In 2018, Google itself confirmed that applications or devices with dark mode use much less battery than the bright mode.

Not only this, but it will also protect your Retina- burning due to the white theme. Dark mode makes the user lee exposed to blue light and enhances the sleeping ability. As lack of sleep makes the person tired, cranky and associate him with obesity, High BP, diabetes, and other heart diseases.

So, it will be cool to look at Google and facebook with Dark mode.