Google is working on voice confirmation for purchases with Assistant

Soon you’ll be able to make purchases through Google Assistant using just your voice. As Android Police reports, a new Voice Match setting has been discovered in the Assistant’s Payments and Security settings pane — a pretty strong indicator that Google’ Voice Match technology will be its next pathway to hands-free shopping.

According to Android Police, Google has confirmed that the new feature is part of an early but limited pilot — at this juncture it’s limited to restaurant orders and in-app digital purchases through Google Play. It’s not the first time we’ve seen voice-based shopping, of course — the Alexa has allowed users to yell out their shopping lists for a few years now. The difference, however, is that Google’s take is supposedly more secure, relying on its Voice Match tech to help validate the identity of the speaker – useful for home assistant devices that are lacking security features such as fingerprint or facial scanners.