Google blocks political ads until after Inauguration Day

Google blocks political ads until after Inauguration Day

Google will block all political ads until after President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration next week, the company announced Wednesday.

The ban will also apply to any ads about last week’s deadly Capitol riot, and is the latest move by a big tech company in response to the attack.

“Given the events of the past week, we will expand our sensitive event policy enforcement to temporarily pause all political ads in addition to any ads referencing impeachment, the inauguration, or protests at the US Capitol,” Google said in a statement obtained by Axios


Google had lifted its ban on election-related ads just one month ago, after instituting it in the beginning of November.

The ban applies to election-related ads on its ad-serving platforms, including its video-streaming service YouTube and Google Ads.

Facebook has banned political ads on its platform since early November as well, and has given no indication of when it might be lifted. Twitter this week announced that it has suspended over 70,000 accounts that were mainly in operation to share content related to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

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