Global Location services set to experience a huge Growth

Location-based services have come a long way and have been going through a huge transformation. The increasing demand for smartphone specific websites can be one of the huge things that have promoted the growth of location-based apps and websites.

Tracking the movement of potential customers and providing the exact services would need you to opt for the proper API services. Google API can be one of the prominent options in this direction.

The geofencing is one of the features that has been able to achieve the best possible location sharing and thus provide the best possible near me genre of services. In fact, services like Doublelist can be a good example of the benefits offered by location-based services.

The growing demand for location-based services has been helping the development of these protocols and APIs to a considerable extent. The rapid urbanization and infrastructural developments have been one of the major reasons that have been able to provide a better insight into the development.

The report on the location-based services market and forecast for the period between 2014 and 2022 has just been released, and the market stands currently at $11,994 million as of now. The sector is expected to grow to up to a whopping $61, 897 million by 2022.

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That should be a piece of great news for the players involved in the location-based services and the near me services. If you are handling any of the similar websites, get up and be prepared for the huge growth in the days to come.