Get on board with the new wave of Slingo gaming

Get on board with the new wave of Slingo gaming

You’d be forgiven for not knowing what Slingo is. Unlike traditional casinos games like Blackjack and Slots, that are both popular and have withstood the test of time, Slingo is a relatively new area of the online casino. But as you’d expect from its name – it combines the best elements of two much-loved games, Slots and Bingo, to create one epic gaming experience. Before you give it a go, let’s run through everything you need to know.

Slingo versus Slots

The main difference between the two games is that with online Slots, you have pay-lines which can be activated by placing wagers. Slots are usually played out on a grid of five reels by three rows, although, this can vary depending on the kind of slot. With Slingo, there are no pay-lines and instead, there is only one row of reels available, so you are relying on matching numbers from that one row.

Before your game starts, you will be given a pre-set number of spins to try and land as many Slingos as possible. Again, this is different from Slots, where you’re able to spin the reels for as many times as your wager or account balance allows.

Slingo versus Bingo

There are differences between Slingo and Bingo too – and these are mainly with regards to gameplay and progression. In Slingo, the game uses reels, as we’ve mentioned – and these determine which numbers you are able to mark off your grid.

And in terms of prizes, traditional 90-ball Bingo will offer prizes for a single line, double line and full house. With Slingo, there are a whole host of bonus features waiting to be unlocked – and these occur with the more Slingos you create. But more on that later.

How to play Slingo

Like Slots and Bingo, Slingo is a very easy game to pick upand play. Simply follow these four steps and you’ll be good to go in no time:

  1. Choose your game. There are many variations and themed games to choose from, so check out the lobby
  2. Choose your stake. The amount you wager will determine your potential pay-out, but always play within your means
  3. Click spin. Every time you match a number from the reels on your grid, it will be marked off. You can check out the prize ladder to see what you can win and how you can win it, as well as the bonus games on offer
  4. Game over. Once you’ve used your pre-determined allocated spins, you may be permitted to purchase additional spins

Slingo symbols

Similarly, to Slots, when you play Slingo, you’ll be looking to land certain symbols, and the game uses its own versions of wilds and scatters. The Joker is the most advantageous of the symbols. A standard Joker will allow you to mark off a number in that specific column, while the Super Joker is more lucrative, giving you the opportunity to mark off any number. The scatter comes in the form of free spins, giving you more turns to try and land more Slingos. Coins, as you’d expect, grant you instant cash wins. While, you’ll want to avoid the Devil, as he takes up a space on the reels, preventing you from landing any further Slingos.

Now you’ve learnt the basics, why not give Slingo a go? Different themed games will also offer different bonus features, so find your favourite!

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