Frontier Airlines is offering free flight tickets to people having last name ‘Greene’ or Green’

If your last name is Greene or Green then there is some good news for you. Frontier Airlines is offering free flight tickets to those having surname Greene or Green, as part of the airline’s ‘Green Week’ campaign.

However, this offer comes along with many caveats, with the biggest one being that the eligible participants should fly for a one-way flight on 13 August, and if they are making reservations for a round-trip then they should return back by 20 August, 11:59 pm.

Greenes or Greens, of course, should also possess the required official documentation pertaining to their surnames. Besides, the offer isn’t available for any family member who does not share the same last name.

In order to avail the offer, the eligible passengers need to head over to the official website of Frontier Airlines and book a flight for 13 August. The participants deemed eligible will then received a refund of up to $400 by 15 September, as per Frontier.

The offer comes in amid the airline’s ‘Green Week’ celebrations, an initiative by Frontier to promote fuel sustainability and efficiency and be the most environment-friendly carrier across the US. The campaign kick-started on Wednesday, with one flight flying to Greenville from Denver on its Airbus A320neo.

The passengers on this ‘greenest flight’ were offered refreshments in environment-friendly packaging along with compostable napkins and cups. Frontier said that it planted enough of tress in order to offset the carbon footprint of the flight.

Notably, Frontier isn’t the only airline to offer a reward to passengers having the ‘correct’ name. WOW Air had also conducted a similar campaign in the month of February this year which rewarded the passengers having first or their last name as ‘Valentine’ with free flight tickets.

In fact, Virgin Atlantic also did a promotion that awarded people with name ‘Lucia’ or ‘Lucy’ free flight tickets to St. Lucia.