Fortnite: End of Season Zero Point Event Will Apparently Mess With In-Game Voice Chat

Fortnite: End of Season Zero Point Event Will Apparently Mess With In-Game Voice Chat

The current season in Fortnite has been nothing but a success so far. Season 5 of Chapter 2 has been a worthy successor to the action-packed Marvel-themed season. As we await the impending end to Zero Point, Epic has released the final update. The 15.50 update made some last-minute changes, including a gun rotation, vaulting the community favorite Hand Canon and resurrecting the Rapid Fire SMG, a change that the fans have absolutely loved.

However, looks like there is more than what meets the eye in the 15.50 update patch. Data miners fished through the game files for clues about what to expect from this season’s finale event, and they found something really interesting.

Every season in Fortnite ends with a massive spectacle. Last season’s event saw the arrival of Galactus in Fortnite and saw Earth’s mightiest heroes from the Marvel universe join hands with the players to fight it out against him.

End-of-season events in Fortnite are one of the most spectacular aspects of the game. So much so, that there have been times when the number of fans dropping in the game to witness the event has exceeded the server capacity and others had no choice but to watch it on stream.

Similarly, the Zero Point end-of-season event has something interesting in store for us.

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Fortnite Zero Point end-of-season event will interfere with the in-game voice chat, leaks suggest

The popular data miner Mang0e recently posted this on Twitter. Data miners have fished through the game files after the 15.50 update patch. According to the game files, the Zero Point event will add two audio effects to the in-game voice chat.

These audio effects will be known as ‘phaser’ and ‘chorus’. Now, it is unclear as to what will trigger these audio effects in the game. Nor do we know when this event will take place.

Other data miners have found references that the Zero Point will start sending out pulses called “reality waves”. It is possible that these pulses will affect the in-game communications systems, and the voice chat audio effects will emulate this.

Considering the way Fortnite end-of-season events usually take place, it is possible that the Zero Point itself will undergo some more changes before the season concludes. Players might even find teases about what to expect from the event at the in-game store as well.

What do you think the Zero Point event will entail?

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