Fortnite: All We Know About the Halloween Update

Fortnite: All We Know About the Halloween Update

Fortnite is adding a lot of new content every once in a while since their last major update. With Chapter 2 underway in the Marvel themed Fortnite, players are busy unlocking Wolverine and his adamantium claws.

In the coming weeks, a Halloween update is scheduled to happen. Just like we have holidays, the game conducts new events each time to keep their game running. In fact, gamers these days are spoiled for choices, and devs are constantly working on how to keep their game from taking a back seat.

While there is still some time to go for Halloween, dataminers are busy leaking information. Fortnitemares is an annual event in Fortnite during Halloween.

New skins, mobility items, weapons and a lot more will likely release later this month. After a long Marvel romp, Fortnite is turning its attention towards something else. Players can now have a look at what to expect from this update.

Data leaker,  iFireMonkey, posted on Twitter information about four skin packs.

They will include:

Outfits: Midnight Dusk, Arachne Couture, Nightsurf Bomber

Backblings: Arachnid Tote, Batty Pack, Firebreather’s Daypack

Pickaxes: Dark Days, Webspinner’s Slice, Vamp Axe

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New mobility item in Fortnite

A potential leak suggests that new mode of transport might be on the way. Fortnite leaker HYPEX believes that ‘Broom Box’ event will soon be added to Fortnite. This event will let a squad get four ‘broomsticks’ as mobility item each.

Since no information is available on how these brooms will work, all the assumption is based on a leaked emote: ‘Witch Way’.

Nevertheless, there is no surety if the new item will even look like this. Since the update is just over a week away, fans will know what is coming very soon.

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