Finally, Apple Arcade is here!

Apple Arcade is finally available on iOS 13. As per the reports, apple Arcade isn’t an app on its own, but it is entirely a sub-section of the App Store itself. It’s said that a new tab will populate after the launch of iOS 13 with the title “Arcade”.

The tab enables users to sign up for Apple Arcade, which includes a free trial. Further, it’ll take the users to the standard App Store subscription confirmation before allowing access to all Apple Arcade titles.

Just like any other App Store games, the games will have the options of ‘get’ and are downloadable for ‘free’ other than the monthly fee. It allows the user to play the games on iPad, Mac, Apple TV once the game is downloaded.

It is said that over 50 titles will be available at launch. Some of the users report the discomfort of playing games on iPad and majorly reported that many of the games on the Apple Arcade looked quite similar.

Games like Overland, Where Cards Fall and Skate City are said to have in common an aesthetic similar to high-quality iPhone games. No reason as of now has been given which could answer why many of the titles share a similar look.

The Verge has been reported to reach out to Apple for information regarding the early debut for beta customers is intentional and moreover to confirm that Apple Arcades will remain available for the ones who are seeing it now.

The company put out a press release about Apple Arcade today, and Apple’s executive Phil Schiller tweeted it, so all of this doesn’t come out to be an accident. However, Apple’s release doesn’t mention anything about the service is available to beta testers early.