Felicity Jones Birthday Special: From A Monster Calls to Rogue One, Here are Five of the Oscar Nominated Actor’s Best Films Ranked According to IMDb

Talking about new Hollywood talent, Felicity Jones is one that shows a lot of promise. She is great at playing characters with an internal struggle within them. While Jones’ real life persona might match of her characters, where they seem a bit reserved, it never intrudes into her performances. It’s a bit of a personal touch that makes her characters so amazing and compelling. RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Here’s Where You Can Stream RBG and On the Basis of Sex – Films Based On the Life Of the Feminist Icon.

With Felicity Jones’ 38th birthday coming up, we are taking a look at five of her best films ranked according to IMDb.

Cemetery Junction (6.8)      

Cemetery Junction Poster (Photo Credit- Twitter)

A period piece comedy set during the ‘70s, Cemetery Junction focuses on the life of three friends. Felicity Jones plays the role of Julie, who is a romantic interest for our films lead. Cemetery Junction is a great comedy film that you should definitely check out if you like British humour. The Midnight Sky Ending Explained: What Does the Climactic Twist in George Clooney’s Apocalyptic Drama Mean?

On the Basis of Sex (7.1)

On the Basis of Sex Poster (Photo Credit- Instagram)

On the Basis of Sex is a biopic based on the early days of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It showcases her early struggles for equal rights and chronicles around her historic career. Felicity Jones plays the role of Ginsburg and delivers us a great performance.

A Monster Calls (7.5)

A Monster Calls Poster (Photo Credit- Twitter)

A dark fantasy drama film that focuses on the life of a boy who is visited by a monster tree. The boy seeks the help of the monster in order to cure his terminally ill mother. Felicity Jones plays the role of the mother and delivers a great performance that will surely leave you in a few tears.

The Theory of Everything (7.7)

The Theory of Everything Poster (Photo Credit- Twitter)

The Theory of Everything is a great biopic and romantic film that focuses on the relationship of Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane Hawking. It also chronicles around his illness and how he grew in his career. The role would go on to earn Jones an Academy Award nomination.

Rogue One (7.8)

Rogue One Poster (Photo Credit- Twitter)

Hailed by many as the best modern Star Wars films, Rogue One puts the war in Star Wars. Focusing on a group of Rebels tasked with stealing the plans for Death Star, this was an amazing action film. Jones plays the role of Jyn Erso, the daughter of the man responsible for the Death Star and adds herself as an amazing addition to the list of great Star Wars characters.

We hope Felicity Jones continues to have an amazing career and continue to entertain us with great films. With this we finish off the list and wish Felicity Jones a very happy birthday.

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