FDA panel experts recommend approval of new peanut allergy treatment

On Friday, the government specialists supported a trial treatment for kids having peanut allergies. This may become the first-ever option approved federally for avoiding life-endangering reactions. The peanut allergy treatment contains daily peanut powder capsules which eventually help kids develop a tolerance.

The expert advisory panel of the FDA voted to support the new treatment done by Aimmune Therapeutics.

It is expected that the FDA will take a final call on the treatment by January.

The panel members said that medicine was a significant option for kids and parents dealing with peanut allergy. But still, a few also expressed reservations related to the safety of the capsule as it needs to be consumed continuously to keep its effect.

On an estimate, 1.6mn US kids and teens aged between 4 to 17 years shall be eligible to take the medication. The pill will be sold by the name ‘Palforzia.’

Peanut allergy sends one in four kid to the hospital’s emergency room each year. It is one of the most common kinds of food allergy found in the US. The usual treatment for peanut allergy involves monitoring the diet of the kids strictly. However, that approach does not work always.

At Friday’s meeting, parents urged for the approval of the medication, describing the concern of seeing their children’s daily routine and diet. In fact, they also expressed their anxiety over avoiding public transportation and places due to potential peanut residues.

After a year, nearly 66 percent of participants involved in the study and who took the medicine were able to tolerate around 4-5 peanuts. This was indeed more than just 4 percent of patients who could tolerate peanuts after going through a placebo treatment. Most participants weren’t able to tolerate a small peanut even when the study began.

Notably, Aimmune is working on other treatments meant for common kind of food allergies, which includes eggs.