Eric Byrnes doesn’t give ‘two s–ts’ about war over MLB return

Longtime outfielder Eric Byrnes has had enough of the MLB’s collective bargaining agreement feud between players and owners.

Byrnes, who enjoyed a 10-year career in the MLB before retiring in 2010, told TMZ Sports he believes that both parties should just bite the bullet in order to get the 2020 season back on track.

“I don’t give two s–ts about your collective bargaining agreement and neither does anybody else right now!” Byrnes, now an analyst for MLB Network, told the gossip site. “I don’t think anyone in our society right now wants to hear about the bickering between billionaires and millionaires. No one wants to hear your petty arguments between ownership and players right now.”

The global coronavirus pandemic postponed the 2020 season and any official return plans are on hold as MLB owners and players dispute how they’d split league revenue in a shortened and potentially fan-less season.

The owners have proposed a 50-50 split, while the players wish to be paid the salary they were guaranteed by contracts they signed prior to the pandemic. Prominent players like Blake Snell, Bryce Harper and Trevor Bauer have taken to social media recently to voice their opinion on the matter.

Byrnes isn’t too keen on how these players have handled the situation.

“At this point, if you have an opportunity to potentially bring the world this amazing content that we’re all starving for, why not be that person?!” Byrnes said. “Sometimes in life — they say this a lot in sports, too — it’s bigger than you.”

“And, so I would advise to any athlete or any owner in this situation, it’s bigger than you guys right now.”

Byrnes is confident that there will be a 2020 MLB season because he believes that players just “want to get back out there, they miss playing the game.”