Eric Bana Birthday: From Troy to Munich, Here’s Looking At the Australian Actor’s Best Roles 

Eric Bana Birthday: From Troy to Munich, Here's Looking At the Australian Actor's Best Roles 

One has to agree that Eric Bana’s career has been super impressive what with his transformation from being a standup comic to a performer in indie cinema to eventually being in massive blockbusters. The actor’s versatility has been praiseworthy and we have seen him pull off everything from romantic films to war dramas to comedy. After being a popular face in Australian television shows, Bana became Hollywood’s favourite after his performance in the war film Black Hawk Down and later went on to play the role of Hulk in the 2003 film. His other famous works include, Time Traveler’s Wife, Troy, Munich among others.

As the actor celebrates his birthday on August 9, we look at some of his best works. While the actor hasn’t been lucky with Hollywood accolades, he has received Australia’s highest film and television awards for his performances in Chopper, Full Frontal and Romulus, My Father. One of Bana’s most-loved character among his many amazing performances remains to his role of Hector in Troy. Not only did Bana suit the part in this historical drama, but also looked extremely handsome as a warrior. Here’s looking at more such amazing roles of the actor.


Bana’s first significant big-screen outing wasn’t an easy one. The actor managed to shed his ‘funny guy’ image from TV and completely stunned us as a dangerous, psychotic character with this film. It remains to be one of the actor’s best performances in his career.

Black Hawk Down

The film that made Hollywood take notice of Eric Bana’s strong screen persona was this one. The film had one of Bana’s scenes with the popular dialogue, “It’s about the man next to you” where his character, that of a soldier explains why he does what he does. The acor had some of the best lines in the film including, “Once that first bullet goes past your head, politics and all that shit just goes right out the window.”


The historical drama was packed with a star cast of stellar actors including Brad Pitt, Brian Cox, Orlando Bloom and Bana himself. The role of Hector was played by Bana with such grace and talent that the scene of his death surely left many moist-eyed.


The Steven Spielberg film was a historical action thriller film with some brilliant performances and incredible storytelling. It was in this film Eric Bana truly showed his craftsmanship as an actor with his intense performance which also won him a lot of praises.

If you haven’t seen these films yet, you must in order to understand the subtle genius of Eric Bana’s acting skills. He’s one of those actors who manages to not only look handsome in each role but also packs a punch with his act.

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