Drinking bleach will not cure cancer or autism, FDA warns

The Food and Drug Administration is commonly known as FDA or USFDA. It is a department which works for health and human services in the United States of America. The department came into existence 113 years ago. Its primary purpose is to regulate and monitor food products, tobacco products, and pharmaceutical products to prevent serious health issues.

On Monday the administrative body announced that the general public must stop the consumption of chlorine dioxide solution which comes in the form of a drink. Often companies promote this drink, mentioning that it helps cure cancer, HIV/AIDS, and autism.

So-Called cancer-preventing products commonly termed as Miracle Mineral Solution or the MMS is suggested not to consume. The drink can cause life-threatening diseases to the human body. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA have not approved the drink.

What the Food and Drug Administration has to say?

In a press release, the FDA commissioner Ned Sharpless remarked that drinking this solution is equivalent to the consumption of bleach. The acting commissioner warned the American citizens not to consume and recommend such products.

Moreover, he has also urged the parents not to provide such drinks to their children as it can prove harmful for their health.

Well, this isn’t the first time that the FDA has warned the American citizens. In 2010, the administrative body compared the solution to bleach.

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At the same time, it has also warned that consumers can face severe nausea, vomiting, and even low blood pressure. All these can happen as a result of dehydration.

Consumers who already suffer from MMS should immediately stop its consumption. According to a social media survey, users have claimed that the drink did not cause any harm to their body. It has acted as a miracle drink.

But the poison control department claims that in the past five years the department has handled more than 16,000 cases.