Dr Disrespect Justifies Tanking His KD in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Beta

The Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Beta for PS4 players just concluded. Although, the topic of SBMM still made the rounds where players were quite frustrated with the system. While it remains to be seen how the developers will respond to that, Dr Disrespect has seemingly figured out a way around the SBMM system.

Dr Disrespect has found a way around the SBMM system in Black Ops Cold War

He recently streamed the Black Ops Cold War Beta where he took his fans through different multiplayer maps. Although, one of the fans noticed that he was deliberately tanking his K/D ratio. When he was asked this in his chat, this is what Doc had to say. “The reason why I’m tanking my first 3 games of Black Ops cold War Beta, is because everyone is talking about SBMM! A lot of them aren’t using their head, like me. They should’ve tanked their first 3 games. Why? So that they can enjoy the rest of their session.”

In the words of Dr.Disrespect on why he’s tanking his KD in the cod cold war beta from blackopscoldwar

Interestingly enough, he doesn’t talk about being tired/frustrated by SBMM, unlike many others. It seems that Doc realized that SBMM is not going away anytime soon. So, he figured out a way around it. Although, this does raise an important question- is SBMM really that bad?

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Players are not happy with SBMM in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty Pro Censor has openly voiced his opinion about the system that is ruining the experience for everyone. Although, a lot of the fans also argue that since he is a professional player, he shouldn’t be complaining about difficult lobbies. While that is somewhat correct, SBMM also makes life difficult for players other than the pros. It is the kind of debate that has been around forever, with no possible answer to it.

This beta for PS4 players definitely gave the developers a lot of insight into the game’s mechanics, the bugs they need to fix, and more. There were some persistent issues initially but the developers were quick to address those too. Game designer Tony Flam has been exceedingly proactive in addressing these concerns and announcing the changes made to the upcoming title.

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Even with all the dissatisfaction around the SBMM and other bugs, it is a positive sign that the developers are actively involved in addressing player feedback. The full game will have a much more polished multiplayer and campaign experience when it launches on November 13.

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