Dow jumps back after steep decline of 350+ points

A steep decline in the global stock market has been observed on Wednesday. The fluctuations of 2018 continued to show up this year in 2019. The industrial average of Dow Jones was found to fall by 350 points initially. This caught up the new data which mentioned that the Chinese production had slowed down even before returning into a positive mark. The NASDAQ composite and S&P 500 index also made a start with a negative value. The instability and the turmoil in the US stock market were brought from the previous year to this New Year too.

Economic growth has been slowing down all throughout the world and this was mainly due to the US-China trade war. Within the red marks, all the eleven US sectors were prominent. In fact, the technology-based companies like those of Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Google-parent Alphabet, and more also saw turbulence, although Facebook and Amazon jumped into the safer side later on Wednesday.

All the Asian market was hit; Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index went down by 2.77 percent, the Shanghai composite dropped to 1.15 percent, and Japan’s Nikkei 225 lost by 0.31 percent. Similar results were seen for the European countries.  European Stoxx600 fell to 0.8 percent, French CAC 40 down by 1.5 percent, and Britain’s FTSE 100 decreased by 0.77 percent.

The oil prices have hit the entire globe now, the drop about 40 percent. The stock markets were expected to be up this year after the number of steps being taken but the results have not met the expectations.