Doom 3: VR Edition comes out on March 29

Doom 3: VR Edition comes out on March 29

The blood-spraying, demon-slaying classic Doom 3 is finally getting a VR release. The first-person shooter from id Software will come to PlayStation VR on March 29, and will be playable on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 (through backward compatibility). Doom 3: VR Edition will feature both the original game and its expansions — Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission.

Doom 3 puts you in the positi on of a space marine who must fight off a catastrophic invasion of aliens on the colonized planet of Mars. The franchise is known for its unique blend of horror and first-person shooter elements that many have tried to adapt to VR. Ex-id Software programmer John Carmack demoed a prototype of Doom 3

in VR at QuakeCon 2012, there have been fan adaptations, and Bethesda made a stand-alone VR game based on the 2016 Doom reboot — but nothing on the scale today’s announcement.

The new edition sports updated graphics and adds a number of features to enhance its functionality with VR headsets, like a 180-degree quick-turn to react to demons and a wrist-mounted display so the player can track vitals like health, armor, and ammo.

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