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Do the Consumption of Soft Drinks Increases the Risk of Osteoporosis in Women?

Steve Murphy



Soft Drinks Increases the Risk of Osteoporosis in Women

Osteoarthritis is characterized by progressively weak and brittle bones which mostly affect older adults. It reduces a person’s bone density and increases the risk of fractures. This condition is not new among people and already affected more than 150 million people worldwide.

A recent study has identified a connection between the consumption of soft drinks and an increased risk of osteoporosis in women. This affects mostly postmenopausal women. However, the study authors cannot prove causation, so call for more research.

According to the author of the most recent study paper, on an average every 3 seconds an osteoporotic fracture occurs.

Now the question arises “why soda”?

According to older studies, there is some link between consuming soft drinks and low bone mineral density. However, other studies looked for an association between soda and osteoporosis but didn’t find any specific relationship.

Because of these discrepancies, scientists took data from the Women’s Health Initiative. A national ongoing study suggests that it involves 161,808 postmenopausal women. Out of which for the new analysis, the researchers used data from 72,342 of these participants.

As part of the study, the participants provided detailed health information outlining lifestyle factors. This includes the diet questionnaire included questions about their intake of caffeinated and caffeine-free soft drinks.

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Finally, they did observe a relationship between soda consumption and osteoporosis-related injury. According to researchers, the link was only statistically significant for caffeine-free sodas, which produced a 32% increase in risk.

The comparison was made between the women who drank at least two drinks soda per day with those who drank none. So, the scientists found no links between soda consumption and bone mineral density.

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Coronary Artery Disease: Risks & Treatment

Rhonda Palacios



Coronary Artery Disease: Risks & Treatment
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Coronary Artery Disease is a common cause of death in both men and women in the US. This disease is also known as coronary heart disease or ischemic heart disease.

It contains a higher risk of heart disease or heart failure. Sometimes it is preventable with timely proper treatment. But the delay may become the cause of your death.

Cholesterol: Its Most Common Cause

Cholesterol contains the LDL or Low-density Lipoprotein Cholesterol. This is known to be the worst kind of cholesterol that builds up in the available space in the arteries.

Ultimately, you have to suffer from Coronary Artery Disease. This whole process is known as atherosclerosis.

Nicholas Amoroso, MD, a cardiologist at the Medical University of South Carolina said that this disease is an extremely dangerous disease.

According to a report, 80% of young adults found to be affected by this disease.

Other causes of the disease include smoking, tobacco intake, overweight, physical inactiveness, etc. This also includes people whose fast food or artificial fat intake is too high.


According to Amoroso, if coronary artery disease is known, you may face symptoms like a heart attack.

He suggested that the patient with known coronary artery disease should pay attention to their symptoms.

He also recommends a healthy lifestyle for everyone, especially people suffering from it. 

Your changed lifestyle should include eating low sodium, low trans fat diet and to avoid tobacco smoking. 

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Will Face Mask Protect You from Getting Infected by Coronavirus?

Rhonda Palacios



Coronavirus Face Mask

The new Coronavirus that emerged in China is unstoppable. It has reported nearly 6100 cases and over 160 deaths.

Now people have started wearing masking in the United States. But do you think it will protect you from deadly Coronavirus?

The CDC has confirmed that right now there is very little danger to the American public. Till now there have been only 5 states shown confirmed cases of Coronavirus. And in all of these cases, people were generally travel to China. Still, there is not even a single case of a person to person spread. So, it is not required to wear a mask in the U.S.

“N95 Respirator Mask”

CDC recommends that people who are health workers and deals with Coronavirus patients should wear N95 masks.

This mask respirator fixes closer to the face and filters out small particles from the air. Most of the coronaviruses are known to be larger in size. But even with an N95 mask, some viruses enter through it.

These masks don’t work properly for children or people with facial hair. It also not suitable for people who have lung issues as they may find it harder to breathe after wearing it.

Alternative Ways To Protect Yourself From Coronaviruses

Apart from using an N95 mask, there are still several things that you can do to protect yourself from coronavirus. Firstly, you need to wash your hands properly using soap and hot water.

It will be beneficial for you if you will avoid touching your face or rubbing your eyes. Take properly cooked food and get enough sleep.

The most important thing to remind yourself, again and again, is to not come in contact with an already infected person.

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What is Coronavirus? Everything You Need To Know

Rhonda Palacios



What is Coronavirus
Image Credit: USA Today

Coronavirus has infected more than 4500 people in China. Out of this, nearly 107 people died due to this virus. Till now, the illness has already spread in more than 15 countries around the world. 

The United States is not out of this race. As people who had recently traveled to China are coming back sick. On Tuesday morning, around 100 people in 26 U.S States have been tested for the virus. 

According to Chinese health officials, Coronavirus was initially spread from an animal to a human. Then, it further spread from human to human. The transmission seems more like a flu illness.

Officials have blocked all the in and out transportation in the Wuhan and surrounding areas. 

Coronavirus and its symptoms

Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that causes an illness similar to the common cold or some respiratory syndromes. According to the WHO, these respiratory syndromes can be as serious as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) & Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). 

People who are infected with coronavirus have had symptoms like fever, shortness of breath and coughing. The virus has also pneumonia-like symptoms, which include infection in the air sacs of the lungs. That can fill those sacs with pus or maybe with the fluid. 

How to protect yourself from the virus infection? 

International Public Health Emergency has already been declared. That means restriction has been made for international travel, border checks, etc.  But till now, no emergency declared by WHO or Germany Foreign Ministry to travel to the Chinese cities of Wuhan.

Moreover, to protect yourself from the virus, it is advisable to take good hygiene measures. You should avoid close contact with people who are suffering from acute respiratory infections or the common cold. 

Wash your hands regularly in a proper way. Especially after being in contact with an infected person or even animals.

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