Disney’s live-action Mulan is now available to own on VOD

After several delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the live-action adaptation of Mulan arrived on Disney Plus on Sept. 4. Rather than being immediately available on the platform the way The Mandalorian and other Disney Plus-exclusive content has been, Mulan was put behind the wall of Premier Access, requiring interested viewers to pay $30 on top of their Disney Plus subscription before being able to watch the movie.

Now, however, Mulan has been made available to own on general VOD. The film is available at online retailers such as Amazon, FandangoNow, and Vudu for $29.99.

In case you haven’t seen the new Mulan yet, the film, which we compared to The Rise of Skywalker in our review, has several significant changes from the 1998 animated version, including no musical numbers, no hair-cutting scene, and no Li Shang, though Gong Li plays a new villain for Mulan to reckon with.

If you still don’t feel like shelling out to see the film, it will be available to Disney Plus subscribers as part of the standard subscription beginning Dec. 4.